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Hit and run... Lucky bike survived when I was in shop...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by JuzJulz, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. Get this, it's a beautiful sat morn and you're gettin ready for a big cruise through the Barossa Hills with Club E when you realise you have no left indicator :shock: . So you go to your closest Auto Shop to see if you can replace it in time and still make it to the ride :)

    You park your bike and go into the shop and start searching for the specific globe... Not looking good :? so you go ask the dudes at the counter and as this is happening you hear this noise and a big bang from out the front door :eek: Immediately your heart starts racing as someone says, "That's YOUR bike he hit!!!"

    My blood was boiling at this stage as I ran out the front only to watch the bugger leaving the premises. :evil: After screaming something I won't repeat :furious: ... I thanked whatever you may believe in [-o< (god, the heavens, some other entity) that this bike that WASN'T even mine, WAS a dirt bike.

    Not a scratch on the Kwaka :dance: but he did manage to snap my clutch lever clean off :mad: leaving me (as an L-plater) stranded!!!
    I tried to make a report but the number plates we thought we saw (including the video evidence) did not match the type of car we saw :evil:

    If he had stopped then I wouldn't have made a report... It's just courtesy... I mean he walked straight past me as I was entering the shop.
    And the people who saw him hit it, said that he stopped as he knew he hit it, but chose to drive off!

    Lucky I wasn't far from home and Fluffy (Bunny Feet) saved the day! It still made it impossible for us to make the ride :cry: Sorry to Mark and Greg and the rest of the crew but that was a bad way to start the day!

    Hope you all had fun, and made up for the fun we misssed out on \:D/

    See you all at coffee night!
  2. julz, that's totally FOOOOOOKED

    can I ask what car it was? perhaps it was a stolen car & they've swapped plates?

    too bad you couldn't nab the guy, an appropriate punishment would be to smear him with meat then throw him in with your little puppy dogs..... mwahahahaaha
  3. It is fair to say that there are people out there you wouldn't piss on if they were on fire... and i think you just met one.
  4. That's a bummer Julz! Yeah - sounds like car might've been stolen.
  5. That sucks, especially for the owner of the dirt bike. If you find out who it is let me know - I've got a hatchet in the garage.
  6. that's what i thought, that it was stolen or swapped plates or something. It was a commonhoore of course, VN, blue.
  7. Cheers guys I knew you'd understand! We replaced the clutch, so the owner is cool with that! He dropped it before he lent it to me and snapped the nobbly bit at the end off so in actual fact it's in better NIQ than when He gave it to me :)

  8. So he walked Past you in the shop
    and you watched the vid evidence

    Why havent the cops watched this ?
    and get a pic of the person
    and Do a check on the data base

    to nab this Mongral
  9. ^^^^ big +1
  10. Yeah, I would. On the non-burning parts so the fire didn't spread.
  11. yeah Julz, did you report it mate?
  12. This is why you ride with mates!
    -So there's at least one rider who can give chase!

    Still - if it's reported then hopefully Mr Plods in their cars will spot rego check a few blue Bommodores, get lucky and throw this human piece of shit in a cell next to Chopper or Ivan Milat or someone...
  13. ooooooh, that makes me grumpy :evil:
  14. What shop were you in Julz?
    Sorry to hear you mised out on the ride on saturday.
  15. Umm, you need to read what the OP wrote.

    Sorry to hear about your incident :( Some people shouldn't have been in the gene pool in the first place :evil: