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Hit and run, looking for a red Commodore ute

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by deyago, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. About 2:10am this morning as Mel and I were coming back from Geordielass' Birthday bash we were the victims of a hit and run.

    First off, we're both fine, no injuries so we're both happy about that.

    What happened was: We were heading west on Footscray road and as we pulled away from the first set of lights a fcuk-wit in a late model red commodore or possibly Falcon ute came blasting past us and lost control of the car (it was pouring rain too!) and fish-tailed into the front left panel of Mel's car, right where I happened to be sitting. After the collision the driver continued to accellerate and flee the scene. We tried to track him down but chasing a fast ute in a Pulsar hatchback isn't very easy.

    So, we lost the low life scumbag and didn't get his rego. Very lucky for Mel, the damage is minimal but we could have been pushed into the curb and a light pole and killed. I am, allowing for understatement, furious and want this fcuker's nuts.

    I'm asking/hoping that if one of you Westies come across a new looking red commodore (might be a Falcon but it looked like a Holden) ute with a hard, lockable tonnaue cover and spoiler with damage to the right rear panel around the rear wheel and further back to let me know. I'd love the rego so we can pass it on to the cops. We've already given a report but I can't see much coming of it. The guy obviously knew the area well enough to disappear quickly so I'm guessing he lives around the Footscray area.

    I'm going to be looking very hard and if I find you, you ****, you better be wearing steel jocks.
  2. Jeez, jake, so glad you and mel are ok. What's the bet when you find this low-life that he's unlicensed/suspended/uninsured or all of the above??

    Keep us up to date, buddy, with so much bad news around we need a win for "our side" to life our spirits.....
  3. :shock: glad to hear you guys are ok, hope you get some results but I guess theres not really much chance.
  4. Glad you both are ok and sorry about the car :( , I'm not in the west but i'll keep an eye out anyway..
    Was there anything unique about the ute (Stickers, Wheels, etc??) it might help you find them if there was.
  5. That sucks, if the prick is a local it might be worth ringing round the smash repairers in the area. They probably wont be claiming on insurance, and anyone paying cash tends to make panel beaters suspicious.
  6. Thanks guys, we're both glad we didn't get injured more than anything else.

    It was raining too much to see if there were any stickers but the tonnaue cover was also red and had a spoiler mounted on it. I can't really remember much more at the moment.

    I'll ask Mel to post her thoughts when she drops around later.
  7. :shock: That is truly terrible. Whilst very glad that you are both okay I do hope that someone, hopefully you can find the f*&%er they don't deserve the privilege of driving.
  8. Sure it wasn't a holden?, the HSV Maloo utes have a spoiler standard
    http://www.worksauto.com.au/catalog/images/vy maloo kit.jpg
  9. I think we have a winner. That looks like it. So now I have a better idea what I'm looking for. Thanks Kraven.
  10. I couldn't agree more :evil: .

    Looks like I somehow posted this thread twice, could the admins please merge them? thanks...
  11. Farken hell!! Thank goodness you guys are ok. Sorry to hear about your accident. Hopefully they'll catch the bloke.
  12. That sucks... glad to hear you are ok though!

    At least you weren't on the bike when that idiot hit you though... :shock:

    One of my pet hates is these arseholes who hit and run :evil:
  13. Yeh lucky U's werent riding :shock:
  14. Second that notion.!!!!

    Kishy, why is your age always going up by a year every day? :? :?

    Anyway/s my eyes are open for a red Maloo ute with damage to it!
  15. So in theory this vehicle should have minor damage to the rear right panel? It doesn't sound to be that common of a vehicle. Maybe let the cops know, they might assist you?
  16. Id call EVERY panel beater in the region track the guy down and get some revenge. Might take a while but well worth the effort...
  17. As do the falcon pursuits....
  18. Have you filed a police report? Do so immediately .. a similiar incident may have occurred with the same car in the past, and the police might be able to match it. Also, a matching description car could have been reported stolen, and they would be very interested to know where and when you saw it.

    Also, go back along the stretch of road near where it occurred and see if any businesses CCTV's might have picked-up the car going along the road .. ask them to help and see if they can see a rego plate
  19. i will keep a eye out cos i know how it feels to be in a hit run,it hapend to me in 2004
  20. So glad you're both ok.
    They will get their just deserts ..... you get what you give in this life - one way or another!
    How's the puppy :grin: