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Hit and Run - how i spent my Saturday!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by davway, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. so, out of the blue i get up from the computer, halfway through doing something and i go and look out the bedroom window.
    i dont know why, but i did.
    my bedroom window faces directly down the street so i can see cars driving away from my house. (i live on a 90 degree bend).
    anyway, i see a white TR-TS magna wagon driving away towards the next corner. im watching it and thinking to myself that this guy is going to hit that parked car, then BAM!!! he hits the parked car and keeps going. ive grabbed my keys and bolted to the car. damn traction control was preventing me from making a speedy exit from my backyard. anyway im making tracks trying to catch up to this guy so i can get his rego but ive lost him by the time i get to the other street.
    i ask a pedestrian if he seen the car and he said yeah, went that way. so im off cruising around asking people but no one seen it. came across a guy that seen a white Magna wagon hooking out of a street onto the wrong side of the road and sped through the lights. had a look around that area but to no avail.
    head back to the scene and the cops still havent arrived, an hour later.
    the guy who owns the car arrived back from the cop shop (must have went there while i was looking) so i told him about what i had found out and he says to me that the cops already have the rego as he was seen trying to rip his front bumper off on the OTHER SIDE of town.
    im standing there dumb fu$ked. the first pedestrian i had asked, had DELIBERATELY told me the car had gone the other way. the car would had to have driven past him front first so he would have seen the damage. the gaurd was smashed onto the wheel.
    i still dont get it, even after i told him that the driver had done a runner, why he would lie to me and send me in the totally opposite direction.
    anyway, the guy whose car got hit is the Lolly Pop man for the local school. his car is a write off but he had insurance.

  2. Either the guy didnt care about other peoples misfortunes or, he must of pointed you in the direction of another white magna he saw :? :shock:
  3. Many Congrats for doing the Good Samaritan Run. Good to hear the Lolly Pop Man is covered.
  4. there arent too many white magnas driving around this town with smashed in front ends. his whole front left was rubbing against the tyre.
  5. carolf wrote

    YEEEEEEEE AIR!!!!!!!

    you go girl!

    there's a line from the simpsons

    homer "so i gave that guy directions, even tho i didn't know the way, because that's the helpful kinda guy i am'

    WHY you ask?

    because there are 3 types of 'inner dialogue'

    1, the people pleaser

    2, the rescuer

    3, i forgot.

    thing is, there are people who want to 'please' more than anything else.

    there are also people who can't say 'i dont know' because they cant accept anything other than perfection of themselves.

    the last time a guy asked me for directions he clearly said 'only if ur sure and you know'

    i laughed and said 'i know why you said that, good onya, i wouldnt do that to ya mate'

    stump it up! :cool:
  6. err, perhaps your 'he went thatatway' guy KNEW the guy in the white Magna?
  7. D Stump, its time for bed, you're getting your quotes mixed up!!

    I'm a pleaser, good samaritan, a 'Got the local Cop Shop on Speed Dial' kinda girl... I've stopped and helped a Damsel in Distress push her car to the side of the road, wearing a skirt and stilettos, on many an occasion when all the blokes have a perv and keep going... I've popped the bonnet and fixed my own car while traffic banks up behind me... I've scribbled down license plates and locations just in case there is an ad in the paper seeking info so they can get insurance sorted out. Sometimes it only takes a second to help a fellow motorist, and sometimes only one finger to completely piss 'em off!!!
  8. carolf wrote

    lol :LOL: , yeah, i just realized! sory dave :oops:

    you were worthy of the title after all;

  9. Thanks D Stump! but if it was my in-laws, I'd beep, wave, and let some other poor b-st-rd put up with the whingeing poms!!! :grin: