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NSW Hit and run finger print analysis

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by lillilster, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. This is a question about the benefit (if any) of having finger print analysis carried out on a motorcycle involved in a hit and run.

    Last night I parked my Honda CB250 on a small lane behind my place in Newtown and when I went outside at 6: 30am ready to ride to work it was obvious the bike had been hit and the culprit had left without a note or a care.

    I had left my bike on it's centre stand and I found it resting on the kick stand with significant damage to the left side of the bike. The left indicator was dangling, the clutch lever was snapped, the speedometer was displaced and dented, the gear peddle was bent out of shape and the chrome on the left muffler had been pretty badly scratched. On the pavement there was what looked like skid marks from the chrome of the exhaust about a meter long.

    At the moment the bike is not functioning because the clutch leaver is snapped and the engine won't even turn over in neutral. My insurance is only 3rd party and so I don't have converge for damage that is caused to my own bike. I would have appreciated if the culprit had shown me the decency of stealing the bike so that I could have been paid out.

    I made a police report and detailed all of the facts about the damage taken to my bike. I also asked that some finger print analysis be done. The officer felt that it would be pointless but I insisted that I would like to have it done. I'm waiting for a phone call from a forensic because by 4: 30pm when I made the report they had all gone home because crime only happens during business hours. So I won't be able to get any finger prints taken until tomorrow morning at the earliest which will be over 24 hours after the incident. The fact that the bike was upright when I found it means that presumable the person who hit it also picked it up and left their finger prints on it in the process. Can anyone cast me some hope that this will be the least bit worthwhile? Unfortunately I think that realistically the best I can hope for is that my bike left a reasonable size dent in their car.

  2. Who's to say that the person who hit your bike and the person who put it on the sidestand are the same person? Hard to prove.
  3. Have a careful look around your neighbourhood you never know which places have recording security cameras these days. Might get lucky
  4. Yeah that's a good point. I live above a shop on King St so there might be a camera around somewhere.
  5. Burn it........

    3rd party fire and theft y'all........
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  6. Thats a good start. Strange the bike wont start? Do they have the ignition cut linked to the clutch? If so the lever is probably so stuffed its not engaging that properly
  7. I don't like your chances, the bike is unlikely to have clear prints. As 109er says there is no provable connection between the person who picked it up and the person who hit it. Fingerprint powder is horrible stuff to clean off.

    The start problem is more than likely one of the interlock switches, clutch I would guess as it fell on the left side.

    Check the cameras, pick a better place to park if you can and chalk it up to experience. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you. Police Forensics is seldom as clear cut as Hollywood wants you to believe.
  8. Too bad I made that police report.
  9. Surely there is an iPhone app to run fingerprints? CSI showed me it and whats on tv is all true stories
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  10. The cops won't do it. I had a nightmare of a time trying to get them to fingerprint my car on two separate occasions where it was broken into and valuables stolen. The first time they told me there was a two week wait and I couldn't use the car till it was done, the second time they flat out told me they couldn't afford the resources and there were bigger fish to catch. Both Newtown police station too.

    I'm starting to think Newtown is bike-knockdown capital of Sydney. My bike lasted three weeks before it was knocked over and i know riders it the street who've complained about similar.

    Good luck.
  11. I had a break in at home and after I managed to get them and come and get finger prints, they admitted it was a waste of time cause they don't actually do anything with them.

    I guess its just easier to sit in the bush with a camera. Certainly doesn't give a good impression of the police.
  12. Parking in a small lane behind the shops on King St Newtown.
    Lucky you still have a bike at all
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  13. Pretty sure OP would have preferred it was stolen/burned so they get paid out by the insurance company.
  14. Incorrect.

    If motorcycle was stolen/burnt, OP gets $0.00.

    TPO does not pay out for theft.

    You have either provided us with an incorrect policy type or you have not checked what you're covered for.

  15. I assumed OP had third party fire and theft from this statement.

    for this suggestion

    and from the original post which they preferred to have the bike stolen to be paid out.

    This was also under the assumption that OP knows their policy. IF not, then I agree with you Justus that you would get zero, except cancelling your insurance/rego and getting your money back from what remains.
  16. Bitstar/OP make reference to different types of cover, so I would'nt be paying to much attention to what bitstar says,

    and by providing that response to bitstar, OP shows he is confused with what cover he actually has, when compared to what is mentioned in OP.

  17. Who's BitStar?

    Also.....chill Winston......obviously I was giving real advice.....oh wait, this is NetRider.......
  18. Don't waste time on fingerprints. You should have it tested for rare pollens which can be linked to a rare species of plant that only grows in one place in Newtown which just happens to be directly in front of the perpetrator's house.
  19. Do you by any chance watch "Waking The Dead " on the abc ? 3 times this season with the rare pollens . :)

    Op I think your screwed sorry for your loss .
  20. No, but that doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I think this cartoon sums up the problem with those sorts of shows best: