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Hit and run. Dog act.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mike86, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I parked my bike at uni tonight just to hand in an assignment. Come back and think it's looking different to the way i left it. Someone had reversed into my bike, knocked it over and driven off.

    Thankfully some nice person picked it up for me and has left me a note with their contact details and the number plate of the car.

    My question is what do i do now?
    I have 3rd party insurance on the bike so do i have any chance of getting the damage fixed?
    Will my insurance do the chasing up for me since i'm not at fault?
    Will the police care at all since no one was hurt?

    Cheers for your help

  2. First thing you do is go to the police with the car details and the witness details. The police will get the details of the driver for you.
  3. And call your insurance company and ask them. They're all different, there's little point asking us.

    Of course, once it's all sorted, put a flaming bag of dog poop on their porch ;)
  4. Sorry to hear about the bike dude. Report it to the police ASAP. Tell them you only have TP insurance. Your insurer may recover for you if you can provide the drivers details. The police will most likely give these straight to your insurer.
  5. Your 3rd party insurance covers for others not your bike, get a police report done, make sure you have the witness's details. If the number plate checks out they should be able to get you the offending driver's details. You will need to claim damages off the offending driver's insurance company, this can be long drawn out process.
  6. Cheers guys.

    I've got the witnesses details. I'll give them a call tomorrow just to let them know that i'm reporting it. The damage on the bike isn't critical but it's just lots of smaller things like cracked fairings, indicator, exhaust bracket broken, lever broken etc.

    The main thing i want dealt with is the fact they they drove off. It happens so much these days and its not acceptable. My car got swiped in a shopping center last week too but i couldn't get any details. I'm just sick of this happening.

    Well enough of the whinge. I'll let you guys know what happens. If anything.
  7. Go through the PDS. Some companies cover damage to your vehicle if you can provide details of the person that hit it, some provide limited cover (ie only 3 or 5k or something, the PDS should say what it is, if any).

    I ****ing hate people that chuck runners after hitting someone else's car. I've left 3 notes on cars that have been hit, the very least you could do is buy the guy who left the note a beer.
  8. I have 3rd party insurance with Insuremyride. Has anyone dealt with them? I've read they would only pay out 3k but i dont know if the damage would add up to that much unless they weren't able to get parts.
  9. That sucks Mike.

    To clarify what Kenny said, third party insurance is what covers damage you do to other people's property. So if you had have hit the car, then your insurance would cover their repair bills. It does not cover this scenario where your property has been damaged.

    You can always try calling them up to see if they're willing to chase it up for you but I can only think they would do that if they were desperate to keep your business or something as this incident is not insured by them.

    The person who hit you is liable so their insurance (if they have any) should cover it. If they have no insurance, they are personally liable. I'm afraid I have no idea as to how you actually go about claiming the money owed so can't help you there. Ask the police when you file the report- they'll know.
  10. police can charge them with leaving the scene of an accident

    If the owner of any damaged property is not present, the damage must be reported to the nearest police station. The penalty for failing to report an accident involving property damage is maximum $500.00 fine, or up to 14 days imprisonment. The court has a discretion with respect to imposing a licence suspension period.

  11. If your in NSW (you havnt stated where it happened), then you make a report to the Police Assistance Line.
    The local station won't make a report.
    The police will also not give you the name of the offender, privacy laws prevent that.
    Then speak to insurance, and see what they can do for you....
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    Several years ago, at the shops around the corner from my house, a car sideswiped mine in the car park while I was getting some bread. Two of my kids were in the car and had a description of the car, the driver and the number plate (I was impressed as they were about 8 and 9 at the time).

    The NSW cops didn't initially give me details due to privacy, but rang her and said she had been seen doing it. Once she confessed, they gave me all her details.
  13. I am also with IMR and I have been through my PDS back to back, after reading it I'm pretty sure I am staying with IMR because they are quite good. Yeah if you have third party and someone hits your bike, if they don't have insurance themselves then IMR will give you a few grand, it's called Uninsured Motorist Cover. So you'd need to find out whether or not the guy has insurance, it may be the reason why he did a runner. They might give you the pay out in this situation since you only have a witness who has the rego so you don't really know who hit your bike but technically I don't see a reason why they have to.
  14. You'll need to sort it out with the car owner. If they won't pay up or go through their insurance (they would at least have TP), then tell them that you are taking the bike to get fixed, then take them to small claims court simply to let the law decide who should pay (knowing damn well it's THEM!).

    if it goes to court, you need the witness or get them to sign a stat dec.

    Doesn't need to get messy. Just inconvenient, but worth it as you will win & they'll end up paying up knowing that too.
  15. not really, my mate had his car written off by some middle aged bloke in a v8 commonwhore VS SS who wasn't paying attention. big deal, right? not really, the idiot did not have insurance. unless the NSW CTP also covers damage to property...
  16. Does the Uni have CCTV? It'd be worth asking...
  17. Frequent source of confusion: the compulsory third party (CTP) insurance we pay with our rego covers injuries to other people, not property.
  18. That's a really good suggestion. It happened right out the front of a building entrance so they may have it caught on camera. Then that's undeniable proof.
  19. Our third party property insurance policy cover covers us for damage by an uninsured person as long as we can give them the details of the at fault person.