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Hit and Run, Cops and Un-restricting Bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by surfinbird, Sep 8, 2014.

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    I have been riding now for 7 months (GSX 650F) and here are a few of my less pleasant experiences. I came off once very slowly on grass because I didn't think, at all, dropped it twice, once because I forgot to put the kickstand down and once because my foot slid out on some gravel as I was putting it down to support the bike. They were my minor incidents. As well as this, I came up on an intersection on some back streets without seeing it and grabbed too much front brake and lost the bike ahead of me and slid along behind it as the sparks flew back me (I have to say I was sore and upset but that image of my bike sliding ahead of me giving off sparks is burned into my memory and I have NOT done it again. I actually started taking the time to practice my emergency braking and what not on quiet, empty streets.

    Then, 3 days ago, someone pulled out perpendicularly across my lane while I was doing about 50Km/h. I hit the brakes and moved as far left as possible to avoid collision and almost managed it! I ended up getting in front of them (because I had no time to come to a complete stop, just had to try to minimise damage) and collected my knee, exhaust and rear indicator on their bull bar. My leg was in agony but I stayed on the bike with my right leg dragging along the ground because I was in too much pain to move it then pulled the bike over (right outside of a hospital luckily enough). By the time I recovered enough to walk again, the person who hit me and whose fault it was, had left. Hit and run. After this I was still in a bit of shock and probably shouldn't have been riding because my mind as all over the place, none the less, I needed to get home. As such I missed the fact that I had entered into a school zone and got done doing 79 (usually and 80 zone) during school hours. Did they care that I had just been involved in a hit and run? No. Because dogs are dogs. Then, I ran out of petrol on the way home. Shitty day!

    So now I'm going to lose my licence and have to pay to have my bike fixed because the cops wouldn't even bother to check the CCTV footage from the hospital to see what the number plate of the car that hit me was, but I'm sure they had more important things to do, like, you know, jerk each other off. The ones that booked me, however, because I am always polite and cooperative with the fuzz, despite how I loathe them, let me use their radar gun. Having used it, my advice, run and hide. It does not record anything but your speed. They MUST chase you and catch you to book you. If you are moving and they are at a stand-still, fang it to the nearest turn-off and hide, or get booked, your choice. I would say just keep running but that seems like the more dangerous option for someone with as little experience as I.

    On another note, I just unrestricted my bike. I now need to re-learn how to ride the thing because it is totally different, I took it for a quick blast and I am honestly scared! I was very comfortable with the bike restricted but was reaching the point after having ridden 11500 kms in total now, where it was lacking a little when I needed it to boost. Also, never stopping for a cop again!

    Anyone have any similar experiences?

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  2. Well that all sucks.
  3. Well...... Did you report the hit and run or just tell the cops when you were pulled over?

    Probably not a good idea removing the restrictor.
  4. What,can you repeat that.Thankfully I am well past this stuff.My head hurts.
  5. Sorry to hear that mate - that indeed sucks.

    I'm not sure what to make of school zones - too easy to lose one's license there for such a basic mistake. Just doesn't seem right - especially for a first time offender.

    As for outrunning the cops. The radar doesn't have a camera on it, but if their car has the camera running, or you go through a Red Light Camera, etc - you're going to experience a fair bit of weight come down on you. Might have been an option a few years ago but recently they've changed the law - at least here in Vic if caught I believe you're now in for jail time, not just a $300 fine. Up to you as to whether you think the risk is worth it.
  6. GSX650F is great derestricted, so I have been told :whistle:, just a simple snip of a wire
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    I reported it on the spot. Got a medical check up at the hospital in case I was to have medical issues down the line. I got an incident report number in a text message from "InfoTechSvs" saying, "Name apologies about the delay in getting the incident report number to you. The incident number is #########. We conducted a patrol around the hospital but", and it ended there. That is all they did. They took the info I gave them and then filed an incident report. case closed as far as they are concerned. I suspect it is someone who frequents the hospital regularly or works there based on the route they took to leave. only someone who knows the way out behind the hospital would have done it that way. So now it is on me to find them. I will attempt to view the hospital CCTV footage myself but I'm assuming that will require a subpoena which means taking some sort of legal action. Or, the free option, stake out the hospital car parks until I find their car. Report to the front desk that owner of vehicle with plates AAA-111 has left their headlights on and then wait for them to present themselves, at which point, I will confront them (non-violently of course, I haven't hit someone since primary school, as much as I would like to in this instance).

    As for the restrictor, I bought the bike second hand and the guy who had it before me had already done it and then returned it to being restricted. It is as simple as cutting 1 wire (which was already done for me) and away you go, you are unrestricted. I intend to follow the advice I found on other forums and build in a switch so that I can return it to being restricted with the flick of a switch.

    Sure is!
  8. I'm sure there is more you can do. Maybe call a lawyer for advice.

    You'll have 6 or 9 months now with a suspended licence to get it all sorted.
  9. Hmmm... you may have a point there. I don't intend to run Red Light Cameras but the camera on the car could be an issue. I was under the impression however that catching someone speeding or whatever on the patrol car camera would not result in an offence unless they actually caught you doing it, or after doing it. I have no real reason to be of this persuasion so if anyone would like to correct me, please, DO!
  10. They will just read your numberplate and then just wait for you to get home. Then you have to prove it was not you.
  11. What if the address on your licence is not your real address? and so they don't come to your house?
  12. Are you being serious or are you just being funny?
  13. This is what I love about the internet. The sound advice that abounds.
    Running from the cops sounds like an awesome idea!:hilarious:
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  14. I doubt many will be taking advice from this bloke any time soon.
  15. Ya think?! LOL
  16. Sounds like a shit situation.. but i don't recommend running from the cops in any shape or form, its no longer just a fine and a slap on the wrist.. you can get jail time/bike impounded/massive fines etc... its just not worth it.

    um as for the hit n run, if it truly happened how you said it happened you need to file a police report and get a lawyer, go get the CCTV footage if there actually is some...

    and uhh stop being a dickhead re: talking about running from the cops and being a spanner.
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  17. Perfectly serious. I guess I should re-phrase the question. Is it essential that the cops intercept you in person to conduct an investigation as to whether or not it was you or just send you a notification in the mail.
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  19. No matter how fast your bike is, you can never outrun a CB radio!! Just my 2c.
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