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Hit and ignored

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Mendy, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. Last friday, While POURING rain, I was sitting at the lights a couple of seconds after it was red. Saw a flash of light and heard a little screech, and seconds later i was in the middle of the intersection. As I tried to get up, scum os car drivre completely ignore the incident and drive around me:eek::soapbox:.
    No one offers to help at all.
    I pull machine and myself onto the curb.
    When I spoke to the car driver, he said he thought I was going to follow the othere through the orange. (which was long over before I was hi)t. Then he started saying he was sorry and gave a me a long story about the rain:blah:
    I managed to get his liscence, and then he made a quick getaway, he admitted fault and apologised.

    Having trouple getting him to pay for it now.

    Outcome is 700 and someting $, and my insurance wants to write it off.
    I by the the way got no scratch or anyting.. No bruises or sorseness.. Very lucky.:angel:
  2. I don't understand how you were "ignored" if he came to talk to you and gave his details?

    Good to hear you're okay.

    Make your insurer follow him up and make him pay for it.
  3. I think he means ignored by that no one offered him/bike help in any way after he was off in the middle of the intersection.
  4. You're very lucky. An ex GF of mine was hit in a similar manner and it sent her to hospital for days. That incident ended her riding career - she wouldn't get back on a bike.

    That's farked that no one stopped.

    You really must have a POS if $700 will write it off. The excesses alone must be about that much! What bike is it?

    Hopefully you have a witness or a police report that supports your case. Let the other party know that if they don't come to the party a negotiate a settlement, you will exercise one or all of your legal entitlements: insurance, debt recovery, law suit and/or pressing charges for dangerous driving. Ensure you call an actual TMU popo station if you follow the dangerous driving route.

    If you don't go via insurance, you might find a letter of demand might work. Find the sticky with demand letter proforma's. Or engage the scum sucking bunch of pricks called Kenyons lawyers who are famous for traffic law suits to at the very least draft and send a letter of demand. Make sure the letter demands recovery of all costs should it go to court, including legal, lost wages and recuping all incident related costs.

    Between legal, personal time, medical and repair quotes, this could easily blow out to be a a few multiples larger than $700.
  5. It is a sad indictment of cage drivers when they just drive around a possibly injured fellow human being.:facepalm:

    Glad you are Ok Mendy, I agree with Rob, $700 seems a small amount to cause a write off. A letter of demand is a good step, see Mouth's excellent post below for guidelines.


    Good Luck.
  6. $700 excess? because you can't provide full details of the other driver?

    If you can then you will likely get the excess back as the damage will be to the rear of your vehicle.

    The forum needs a flashing sticky so bike riders are aware that a lisence number and/or name is not enough information exchange. Insurance companies will mostly grab your excess if you don't have full contact details and rego, lisence and make of vehicle.

    Also the OP didn't mention reporting it to the cops. Make sure you do
  7. We do have those stickies in the politics law insurance forum
  8. what you expect me to read or sumfin?
  9. I, as said above, was ignored by everyone else on the road, pedestrians, person on a pushie, and of course cagers.
    Even the person who hit me just got out of his car and stood on the side as I moved everything off the road

    I should add (silly me);
    I was on a little 2 stroke scooter at this time. The bikeis at the mechanics.
    The rear frame of scooter is bent a little and rest is just pretty much cosmetic.
    My friend, who owns the scooter, is in contact with the driver. He seems to have no money (he says) and as such has been ignoring the phonecalls. Had to ring him on a diffrent no. and he asnswered8-[
  10. But have you alterted the police?
  11. police will only comp out if one of the 4 things happen:
    1. any vehicles require towing
    2. anybody killed or injured
    3. anybody fail to stop or fail to exchange details
    4. anybody under the influence of drugs or alcohol

    if none of the above criteria are met, then the cops wont be interested in it.

    sounds like you may have to sue the guy at court if youre only third party and doesnt pay up. Judge Judy style!
  12. meh you say, "i think hes on drugs", your no expert can't help it if your wrong.
  13. I've seen this. A rider dropped his bike in a busy intersection once in the rain, people just started driving around him. I saw it all from about a dozen cars back, traffic was speeding past this guy at 60+km/h in the rain by the time I got to him.
    So, when I approached him in my car, I stayed in the lane he was in, put the hazard lights on and gave him the time to get the bike started and moving. Of course, I was public enemy #1 for doing that and everyone was honking at me.....
    And that was well over 10 years ago now, seems no one really gave a shit back then either.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. That was very good of you to do that Typhoon. Although most of the world (hmm, even then) seems to be on a serious downsloping spiral, I am most certain the downed rider was very grateful.
    Your 'Location' proved 100% correct on that day :)
  15. No money too bad, he'd better find some, because he is really wrong....thats a big no no to hit someone from behind, don't let him get away with it, otherwise he'll just re-offend.
  16. My friend and I are in contact with him, and now that he knows the police have been spoken too, he has promised to cough up some some cash. Time will tell, and then - if not, legal actions will occur.