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Hit-Air jackets vs Tiger Angel gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jorn, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. I am just starting out and as I have a responsibility to my two young children the rule is no skimping on gear. After browsing the threads for quite some time I think i have got it down to two choices. Tiger Angel Vs Hit Air jackets and ?leather pants. My problem is there is not much info out there about the Hit Air jackets. Is it just a gimic or could it be potentially life saving when compared to leathers? It seems to protect areas of the body that leathers miss such as neck and chest. I did really have my heart set on a good set of leathers but after seeing these jackets I am not so sure.

    The bonus is with leathers I can get custom made as Being a height impaired female may play a part in fit. If it does come down to leathers, I am looking at the Tiger Angel Guardian series compared to the Siren jacket and Tour SP pants. Is the extra cost justifiable for the same protection?

    Now before you all think I am a millionaire and price is no issue - price is an issue as I actually have to kit out 2 riders as DH and I will be sharing a bike as we work opposite shifts. But as I said above we are trying to be responsible parents so if it means we have to save up a little longer for better gear or spend less on the bike then so be it.

    Now don't get me started on gloves and boots as I haven't researched them yet.
  2. Tiger Angel gear

    Tiger Angel gear is excellent quality and the customised fit is great. They are great wearing leathers. Mine are 5 years old, and still look and fit great. Well worth the money..
    My 2c :)
  3. Re: Tiger Angel gear

  4. As for the HitAir jackets.............

    I dunno, I'd want to see some decent research. Problem with that though is finding a live crash test dummy.

    Hmmmmm, Wonder what Mr. Codognotto is doing for work these days :rofl:

    As for HitAir the company, :roll: they tried to tell us we were irresponsible for not giving them a free banner ad :? :? They engaged in some pretty ordinary email responses, tsk tsk tsk, norti norti
  5. Those Hit-air jakcets sound like a piece of crap. You arent going to get anywhere near as much abrasion prtection from a hit air jacket as you are from tiger angel leathers. In addition to that the 1/2 second inflation time seems a little long if you ask me, ive crashed once and it was WAY less than 1/2 a second between me coming off the bike and hitting the road. I would go with the tiger angel gear :cool:

    Oh and i think it would suck if you got off yoour bike at a stop and forgot to release the cord on the hit air jacket...you would have to walk around like a marshmallow :LOL:
  6. Custom leathers would be very cool, I am pretty lucky straight off the rack for me!

    From what you have said you will need them customised so go with tiger or there a couple more around that are pretty reasonably priced, rmgear and underdog from memory.

    But a black suit with a pink outline of a tiger across the back and pick highlights is what my wife wants and I will probably get the same but with yellow highlights [go tigers!]. :cool: :cool:
  7. rmgear leathers is the go if you are tight on the budget.
    ready made stocks though and you have to be quick as craig is just clearing out his existing stock and is closing down soon.
    you will be looking at aud160~190'ish for a pair of leather pants and upto low 200s for jacket.
    this reminds me, i have to get a matching jacket for my pants ...
  8. Re: Tiger Angel gear

  9. I don't know much about these hit-air jackets, but because there isn't that much good info on them out there but they seem gimmicky to me, and because I'm not willing to be a guinea pig, I'd just stick to good quality leather for now. So, add my vote for Tiger Angel.

    PS. If you are serious about safety gear, keep an eye on the neck brace developed by KTM/BMW - I think it is just going into production:
  10. Re: Tiger Angel gear

    :oops: :oops: :oops: Damn!!! Busted again :)
  11. I don't know, they could be quiet good if you ever fell into a lake or river. :)
  12. Leatt-Brace

    It seems that BMW/KTM have picked up the Leatt-Brace and are putting their own brand on it. I spoke to a rep at the Sydney Motorcyle show and tried one on. It's carbon fibre and kevlar, lightweight, comfortable. Fantasitc. And available NOW.

  13. You can check a live demonstration of hit air here. A testimony from a 'live crash dummy' and some discussion here. I think hit air jackets are quite well made but wouldn't want to start a flame war by comparing them to t angels. I think it is basically the choice between custom fit or technology.