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Hit a roo...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ChesterCB, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. And didn't come off!

    I was on my way to Thredbo for the Snowy ride, near Williamsdale, a nice tall Eastern Gray kangaroo was sitting in the middle of the road.

    I was not quick enough, not wide enough in my swerve and I hit the side of the roo with my left crash bar, my shin, and my knee. At somewhere between 90 and 100km/h. Fcuk it hurt. I thought it had dislocated my knee the way my foot went numb. But I stayed upright, and managed to hold my panic at bay just long enough to get of the road and have a mini meltdown.
    I walked around for a little bit to make sure my leg would hold me, and I figured I'd be right.

    I hit another, smaller, roo near Bunyan. Same knee. But at about 80km/h. Also didn't come off.

    My lessons learned for Friday night: ride to the Snowy in daylight. Also, learn to swerve sooner and wider.
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  2. Justus, you are on the ball, my apologies for posting in the wrong forum.
  3. Well done on staying upright, really doesn't matter if the roo is in the middle of the road, or 200m off it, they seem to have a magnetic attraction to bikes.

    But yes riding in daylight is the best way to avoid them
  4. Good luck went your way.
    How did the Roo hold up?
    I often see them after being hit around this way but rarely alive. Except for the other day when a Wallaby was grazing by the side of the road in the middle of the day. They reckon they can tend to do that a few days after rain when grass by the side of the road has a growth spurt. Was true in this case and worth noting.
  5. Well done on staying in control , glad to hear you're ok . Hope you had a great time up in the Snowies despite your encounters with the wildlife !
  6. I took a look back close to where I hit, but there was nothing on the road. It was a tall one; the roo's flank, just below the shoulder, hit my knee, and it's rump hit my crash bar, as it was turning around. There was no head or neck collision, and given the lack of carcass afterwards it was probably just bruised like I was. I figure, if I hit something with my leg, and my leg doesn't break, then the animal probably came off about the same.

    From saturday onwards, I had a great time at the Snowy, and a nice ride home today too.
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  7. jesus you were lucky
  8. Glad your okay,

    Roo's are a nervous animal and they panic easily, at least it did not take out your front end or land in your lap.

  9. Don't I know it!

    I've hit roos in cars where lots of damage has been done, and I've hit a wombat (wrote the car off when the axle broke). I'm pretty certain I've used up all of my marsupial hitting and surviving points on the bike. I need to work on my hazard perception and avoidance so next time I am better prepared. I also need to get pants with knee and shin protection :inpain:
  10. you never mentioned where you got your pants cleaned. and i dont mean from roo grunge...
  11. the hotel had a pretty decent washing machine!
  12. :) Main thing is you were alright. But yeah - I lived in Canberra up until about 3 years ago, and regularly travelled the Monaro at night. The number of roos I wallopped around the Williamsdale to Michelago stretch was ridiculous. Just south fo Cooma on the long straight where the big wreckers are on the right hand side is another hot spot.

  13. No shin protection in your boots?
    You could try inner knee guards like RS Taichi Stealth but they aren't going to do much if you hit a Roo.

  14. My boots come half way up my shins, but it's the top part of my knee and my knee cap that are lacking protection. Currently I don't have the funds for top notch stuff, so I'll be looking for something suitable until I do. Right now, my aldi kevlar jeans and M2R kevlar jeans are providing road rash protection.

  15. Wish I could say the same thing. I collected a huge bastard at about 60km/h. Worst circumstances; early morning, newb rider, road bike with road tyres (no knobbies because it's only a 3km dirt stretch to my house before the tarmac begins) on a gravel road. I got him the same spot, main collision was left knee. You're right, it hurts like fcuk. I had my meltdown sitting on the side of the road before I got back up, thinking I'd well and truly f#%ed my bike already:arghh:! Lucky for me I was in full gear so the tumble didn't hurt that much, and the bike went straight onto grass, so I only broke a small piece of fairing.