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Hit a pothole, bent a rim

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by saba, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Doing a headcheck this morning (and checking on my riding partners position), and I collected a really decent-sized pothole. God damn what the hell was that! Noticed a rhythmic sensation through the bars, pulled over, and saw a decent hit in the front rim (rear is fine).

    I think my steering dampener saved me from crashing.

    Repair is around $300. No guarentee if it's possible.

    New rim is $1800.

    Question is, can the council/vicroads be liable for any of the damage? Or am I bending over for this one?

  2. Missed the Thursday night ride too! Bah.
  3. $1800 for a rim, what's it made of, 24 carat gold???
  4. councils have a responsibility (up to a point) to keep up the road structure and might be liable for damages incurred if they have not done so. Ask - you might get lucky. I've known people in England win this one but I don't know anyone over here who has
  5. Worked for me: first go is the local council, they're less confrontational than VicRoads.
  6. It's sure as soft as gold.

    I'll try my luck with the council letter. Worst that will happen as a result of efforts is a flat no.

    And if it can't be repaired, I guess I'll refer to insurance.

  7. Muck around with a letter and it will give them lots of opportunities to fob you off. Get on the phone or go in to the council office tomorrow, and communicate the absolute urgency and personal inconvenience of your incident, mixed with concern over the lack of road maintenance which (now that they have been informed by you) will be holding the Council open to possible significant litigation should a serious accident result from their lack of action.

    Polite but firm is essential: get the council roads maintenance supervisor onside, and push for immediate acceptance of responsibility, then pay for damage repairs ASAP.

    Which council? My damage was on the Bullengarook - Gisborne road, very little resistance from the council when I took the above approach.
  8. It was a long time ago but when they first stuck the removable speed humps in at Albert Park (GP circuit) - I traversed one in my XE Falcon (standard height) and tore my exhaust out, damaging brake lines in the process... Rang the council and got fobbed off, rang insurance and they sorted it - council paid with no excess charged to me...
  9. Thanks for your replies! I'll go in tomorrow and try the 'firm barely-withheld rage' approach.
  10. Councils can be held accountable, but only in circumstances were you can prove negligence. This is exactly why councils install asset management systems, so they withstand claims against them such as you are considering. All they need to do is prove they have inspected/maintained that road at the appropriate frequency as stated in the councils road asset management plan (which all councils in Vic must have by now, other states, not so much)

    As soon as you contact the council, and mention the word "claim", or hint that a claim is possible, they will put a special tag on your communication history so it can be tracked for insurance purposes. Thats as far as it will go, until YOU take it further. The council does not need to prove themselves right, you need to prove them wrong, and they will probably (should) have 5+ years of inspection / maintenance history on their side.

    Then again, not all roads with the councils municipality are the councils responsibility. Some roads are controlled and maintained by the state. e.g. VicRoads. If the pothole is on a VicRoads controlled road, then the council will have nothing to do with it and will just point you in their direction.

    I imagine VicRoads will handle the threat of a claim in the same manner. (but have no experience with them).

    Apart from that, you may get lucky.
  11. Take a few photos with you of the rim, and (if possible) the pothole. Make sure you identify exactly where the pothole is, too. Where was it, so that we can avoid it?

    Good luck (y)
  12. Christ on a sidecar! What do you ride?
  13. Who did you get a quote from for the repair? I got a front rim re rolled at Bike Magic, cost me about $130 odd.

    They did a really good job, it had a ding from running up a gutter, yours might be a lot worse though....
  14. Bet it's a Honda.
  15. Not biting. Nonononono.........

    Seriously though, it should go without saying but I'll say it anyway. After a hit hard enough to bend a rim, it would be a very wise move to replace the tyre as well. You can't see how many of the carcass cords popped apart due to the impact :shock:.
  16. I think you can get an aftermarket set of name brand rims for about $1800.
  17. Re-rolled rims are technically not allowed back on the road (just ask Vicroads). $1800 for a new one, sounds like a gixxer. Call a wrecker and see what they have first.
  18. Shhhh! Nobody will ever know ;)
  19. They might find out if someone's insurance pays for it.
  20. BMW.

    If it turns out I need a new one, I'll go through insurance. Sucks!