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hit a pedestrian last night

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by oohsam, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Hey yall.
    Driving to the mrs's house last night. On the Hume hwy. There is a spot where its pitch black, no lights. So Im crusin at bout 70ks. When all of a sudden out of nowhere I see a guys face. He was wearing all black and had long hair. I only saw him when he looked up at me and the light hit his face. He was casually strolling along the highway. I had cars about 200m behind me.

    I grab a handful of brake, and the front locks up, the bike dips down, so I quickly released the brakes, and re applied. The handlebars turn left and lock again i release and then BANG. I collected him. Bike manages to stay up right and pull over and run to his aid.

    He had 2 mates. I managed to only hit his foot/ankle. I Have no idea how, It happened so quick and the force of the bikes nose dipping down ensured that I did not actually see the impact as I was looking at the tarmac and trying to keep the bike from dropping...

    It turned out he was high as a kite and he didn't want any medical help or police help and just wanted me to go home....So i stayed for a bit, insisted on giving him my details atl east but he just wanted me to leave. His mates said they would help him...so I ended up leaving. Called the cops told them the story they said it was fine and no need to report anything...

    So there ya go....
  2. Err... okay?

    You must have been pretty freaked out. Just cruising along and some dope pops out of nowhere. Nice job on staying upright.

    Any damage to the bike?

    That tool's gonna wake up in the morning with one hell of a story to make up. :facepalm:
  3. Yeah I didnt really freak out much...I was actualy quite happy with the way my body did things under those conditions. However, I would have liked to grab some rear brake, but I made no attempt at doing so...Panniick is a biatch..

    Thanks...I really thought for a few seconds I was going to drop it..

    He will be in allot of pain...I tried to explain that if he takes my details he woudl be covered by TAC...but he didnt want any part of it.

    Bike had no damage. I think the front shocks hit his ankle...it sounded horrific.
  4. Well atleast you/your bike didnt get hurt and the stoner can just limp down the highway from now on.

    Happy day for all :wink:

    Coulda been lots lots worse though.
  5. Far out! Least you can be comfortable knowing you can respond well with shit like that.
  6. I would have grabbed his details - and when he declined I would have called the cops. It sounds rather sus, would be good to have another party to back up your story.
  7. No need. My bike was way too far down the road to grab rego so I know he didnt get my details. Im more worried bout him actually.
  8. great job on keeping it upright, hope you don't pick up any new damage in daylight.

  9. Glad your bike was'nt damaged!...
    And forget about him!...who cares!...if it'd been me I would have kicked the shit out of him for being on the road off his head. :mad:
    Could have completely ruined YOUR day.
  10. Driving in the car years and years ago on the Great Western Highway in the Blue Mountains... just east of Katoomba, about 2 in the morning, trying to get back to Sydney but having a hard time staying awake...

    Car coming towards me with one headlight out, so the other is really bright... as the car passes and I can see again, there is some drunk walking down the middle of the Highway... I swerve like a b@stard, and go within millimeters of hitting him... his total effort to get out of the way... lift his arm as I drive under...

    Scared the shit out of me... drove the whole way home (hours) at 40km/h... no problem with tiredness the whole way home or once in bed... drunken fool probably doesn't even know it happened, or how close he came to damaging my mighty Datsun 1600...

    Good work for almost missing and not going to pieces...

  11. That'ell teach ya to "drive" ya bike. :wink:
  12. glad to ear you and the emo kid are ok.

    damn emo kids!!
  13. I'm glad you reported it. I hope the cops took a record of the call and some details. You'd want to be careful about running into someone, causing and injury and then leaving the scene with no police involvement.
  14. Apologies in advance...

  15. Well handled mate!

    and another 10 points for calling the cops .. sometimes ya just never know :wink:
  16. SH$t! Glad to hear you're o.k and the bike of course :D

    F#ck the stoner, what a dumbsh$t :!:
  17. Sounds like you did a good job staying upright....well done!
  18. You realise that you are now on Harold Scruby's deathlist. :twisted:

    He's sending a hit-man round for you - however as he has to walk all the way from the Pedestrian Council's offices in Sydney, you have plenty of time to get your affairs in order...
  19. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: .......mmm, scruby's death list......how do i get on this list?

    and does he know he's on everyone else's list........?
  20. i had a Young lady step out in front of me 2 saturdays ago(night) in caulfield. Fortunately she saw me at the last moment(And I was reciting the oh f..k mantra at the time). Her little yelpy scream nearly had me do a u-turn and see if she was alright... oh and nearly fall of the bike as i the thought i might of clipped her a little(Yes panic sucks).

    kudos for you for calling the cops and making every effort to make sure the guy was alright. Imagine if you kept on going, and it wasn't a stoner...

    Hope you don't have to deal with something like that again.