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Hit a junkie...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by llamaboy, May 8, 2011.

  1. So Friday night I hit a junkie attempting to cross the road on Johnston Street in Abbotsford just past the Hoddle Street intersection heading towards Kew.

    The arsehole was high and managed to pick himself up and flee the scene. Chased him all the way to (surprise, surprise) the Collingwood housing commission flats. Luckily the security guard wouldn't let him in when I explained what had happened. Soon after the police arrived (I had rung them on the way) and they got his details off of him for me.

    On the chase back to his place I unsuccessfully attempted to get a picture of his face as shown below. Once we got to the commission flats though I convinced him I'd let him leave (hah, as if) if I got his picture and he finally showed his face. He even stood stood still for me when the first shot didn't come out clearly, ahahaha. I won't show that picture until things get resolved though so the below pic will have to do.


    With his details sorted the police took me back to the scene of the crash to inspect the damage. One thing I hadn't noticed up until this point was that I had paint all over my riding jacket, helmet and face from the a plastic bag filled with paint that the arsehole was using to chrome.


    Tried getting it out last night but it doesn't want to come out. Hopefully insurance covers this as it is 'motorcycle specific clothing'. The other major damage was from the parked car I sideswiped trying to avoid the junkie arsehole. Yeah, I hadn't mentioned that yet. After knocking the guy over I ran into the side of a Tarago scraping it's side and taking out it's mirror with my shoulder (f'king ouch). I did manage to stay upright and park the bike properly though, which is lucky. Later I noticed the visor of my helmet had come loose so I must given the Tarago a good wack with my head as well.

    On my bike the the left foot peg had broken off and the gear lever was bent so as to make the bike unridable. Besides this from what I can tell the left indicator will need replacing, the handlebar is bent and there is some fairing scratches. Luckily I was able to wheel it a couple of hundred meters down the road to a clients factory where it is parked at the moment. No pics of the bike just yet. Just forgot about these in the heat of the moment, doh!

    So all in all I guess I was lucky to scrub off enough speed to as to not kill the bloke, and still manage to stay upright after hitting the Tarago. I also unfortunately didn't have my GoPro HD mounted that night which I am spewing about. Remember fellas bike cams are only useful if you remember to always have it recording.

    Anyway, anyone know somewhere close to Abbotsford that they can recommend to get a repair quote done? Anyone want to have a guess as to the damage to the bike with the provided info? It's a little Honda CBR125R by the way.

    Cheers fellas.
  2. Dude I would have pu*+#€d the c$&@ outta the dude, not like he is going to pay your insurance excess now is he..

    I almost ran over one d head that walked right in front of my 2 ton car same night inner suburbs similar area lol wtf..

    Main thing is your not injured..
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  4. There is a guy that we (work buddies) see chroming with paint (on Thursday it was blue) quite regularly wearing a top that resembles that one, near work, in Collingwood.... If it's the same guy he gets around quite a bit (sniffs paint openly on the street up near some welfare place on Johnston Street, just before Smith Street).

    Doubt you'll get anything out of him but at least the police may have something to follow up on...
  5. The name of this Thread made me scream out laughing, so many scenarios went through my head before opening.

    Hopefully it all gets resolved for you mate.
  6. Mate, sorry to hear it. Like everyone else I really hope you get this resolved.
  7. Thanks mate. I gave him a massive verbal spray right after I hit him while rolling back towards him on the bike. Luckily there are no kids out and about at that time of the night. I'd calmed down (a little) once I got the helmet off though and decided to play it cool.

    Ok, cool, I'll give you guys a ring Monday. Can you recommend a towie as well?
  8. Yeah, good luck dude.
    Hope it ends well for you.
  9. If you have a decent insurer, because of the police report and having the guy's details, you should have your excess waived right from the start, as it "should*" become their problem to recover it from him.

    Glad to hear you are pulling up relatively injury free though, sliding down the side of a car is never fun, I smashed my knee on a wheel arch and copped a rear view mirror in the guts when I had mine a few years back. Turns out Peugeots are a lot stiffer than they look.

    * Some insurers will wave excess in a not at fault claim providing you can provide accurate details of who is at fault. I experienced this with QBE after being cut off some years ago, I had the guys details and a police report number, where they had also taken his details and as a result paid no excess at any time during the claim.
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  11. You are very lucky you weren't deemed at fault.