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Hit a dead truck tyre on the highway tonight

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Hi there

    my G/F hit a dead truck tyre on the hume highway in NSW travelling back to Canberra tonight

    She came over a rise was doing 110 set on the cruise control

    she saw the tyre as she came over the rise but it was to close to swerve plus could not change lanes due to traffic ( she was on the left ) but did not panic and hit the breaks knowing this could cause more problems for herself

    so the car hit the dead tyre tread and has now been damaged -- anyway we can get NSW state government or federal government to cough up for not clearing the highways of debris

    I would rather they pay than we have to claim on insurance
  2. No legal experience at all on my part, but just thinking that unless they were told about it , and took a inordinate amount of time to get it removed you wont have much to go against them with, they will just blame the truck driver that left it there
  3. so how is that the govs fault? whats to say the truck didnt lose the tyre moments before she hit it, the gov cant stand on every corner to clean debris once it happens..

    You say you would rather the gov pay for it than claiming insurance, just remember where the money is coming from, us :)
  4. I was thinking the same thing as your first point. But the second makes sense too.
  5. Once damaged a wheel in my locality due to reo protruding from guttering -- council paid for replacement wheel and tyre

    but valid point about the "time" it may have been on the road that thought didnt cross my mind
  6. Trucks shed tyres along our highways all the time. Trying to avoid them while using the highways is just an occupational hazard unfortunately. Hope it doesn't cost you too much to get fixed.
  7. Jim Scaysbrook was having a whinge on exactly this subject in recent issue of Old Bikes Australasia. As he pointed out, it's bad enough hitting these things in a car, but it could be fatal hitting one on a bike.
  8. And councils are responsible for keeping the roads in their area in reasonable condition. You were lucky they paid for your wheel but that is a very different situation to debris on the road.

    Hope it doesn't cost too much for the repairs.

    Fun Ha!
  9. i hit a forsaken chep pallet on foreshore road one morning. gave the tyre quite a shunt. not fun
  10. I've done that! Kicked it pretty damn hard with my right boot. XD
  11. I reckon you'll have no luck claiming on council.