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History Repeat's ? lol

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by VTRBob, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. It may not be 1200bc and Greek mytholagy BUT

    Is 2006 going to become a new "Battle of Troy" ?

    The way all the bikes were running last night its going to come down to skill , and with 4 aussie in the top ten after the 1st race its looking like a season not to be missed !

    1 AUS Bayliss 40
    2 AUS Corser 38
    3 GBR Toseland 38
    4 AUS Pitt 27
    5 ITA Fabrizio 19
    6 BRA Barros 19
    7 JPN Haga 16
    8 ITA Rolfo 12
    9 AUS Muggeridge 11
    10 ITA Lanzi 10

    * from the SBK website*

    EXCITEMENT APLENTY AT LOSAIL After two races that provided excellent entertainment for all present at Losail, the previous two World Superbike champions, James Toseland (Winston Ten Kate Honda) and Troy Corser (Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra) scored one win apiece. The 18-lap contests were conducted at a high pace, with the previous lap records beaten on successive occasions.

    RACE ONE James Toseland, who had finished lap one in 10th position, scored his first win in the Winston Ten Kate Honda team at the very first attempt, after a dramatic final lap. The 2004 World Champion capitalized on a crash between likely 1-2 finishers Noriyuki Haga and Yukio Kagayama, with only half a lap remaining, and Toseland resisted sever pressure from Troy Bayliss (Ducati Xerox) to take the win. In third place, Andrew Pitt (Yamaha Motor Italia) took his first career podium finish, after leading in the early stages. Fourth went to 2005 Losail race winner and eventual World Champion Troy Corser (Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra) and a raft of SBK rookies scored impressive finishes just behind. Michel Fabrizio (DFX Honda) was an assured fifth, Alex Barros went sixth in his first ride on the Klaffi Honda, and Roberto Rolfo recovered from a midfield start to finish seventh on his SC Caracchi Ducati.

    RACE TWO In the second race each rider in the front group made it to the finish, with Corser and Bayliss battling over the last two laps, and Corser taking the win by just over a second.
    A photo finish saw Noriyuki Haga beat Toseland across the line by 1.6 centimetres, after Toseland mounted a late challenge. Lorenzo Lanzi (Ducati Xerox), who crashed out in race one, scored sixth in race two, edging out Barros, with Fabrizio eighth. Haga took the new lap record, setting a 2’00.061 on lap two.
  2. Your right this is going to be best season yet in WSBK. There does not seem to be much between the bikes. The R1 blitzed it off the line at the start of both races. Haga and Pitt looked good with Pitt getting his first podium on WSBK. Toseland and Bayliss only finishing on top after Haga lost the front of the bike and took out Kagayama.

    The last few laps in the second race were outstanding with Troy Bayliss getting past Toseland, then Pitt and Haga to catch Troy Corser. He managed to get past Corser several times on the last lap. Troy was quiet for the majority of both races but towards the end you could see him transform into the Troy Bayliss I remember back in 2001 & 2002.

    Good effort by Kevin Curtin to finish 2nd in the WSS with Brookes in 10th and Gobert in 12th.
  3. I am sorry fellas and Bob , but ***YAWN***
    I can think of anything as more boring than being so wrapped up in a race or event .
    each to there own and all that stuff.
  4. Yes Glen Thats why this is in the "racing and motorsports" section

    How often have you said to people on here......" if you dont like it DONT read it or post in it "

    :LOL: :LOL: :p :LOL: :LOL:

    ( no offence mate ) :LOL:
  5. no offense taken
    just puting anoher perspective , they are lots of people when superbikes , motogp come around that sleep , eat breath it .
    but you never see any one say , they dont so i thought i would break new ground and lead the way :wink: :grin:
  6. True , but given the choice of watching bikes or the damn agruements that are going to happening around here come Commonwealth Games time.

    Give me BIKES anytime lol *or syncronised swimming :LOL: :p :LOL:
  7. +1 vote for those hot ice dancing biatches!
  8. Well, after listening 2 u last nite & the way u spoke about how the "Pairs Ice Dancing" being such a "TURN ON"...well, if I were ur partner...well..ummmm... I'd really start 2 worry!! :shock: :LOL: