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History of Isle of Man TT Races (Duke Video) DVD

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Hotcam, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. A documentary covering the TT (tourist trophy) motorbike races
    held at the Isle of Man on public roads, almost every year for
    the last 100 years.

    There is a huge amount of footage on this DVD and it will
    entrance you. A detailed history from the very first 1900's
    bicycles-with-a-motor-racing-in-muddy-cart-tracks right up to
    plastic-wrapped airborne crotch rockets of about 2002.

    The DVD is split by scenes into periods of about a decade which makes
    finding something you like really easily, though first off you will want to
    watch it right through. Interviews with champions of almost all eras,
    a brilliant and fascinating amount of REAL footage from the 1900s and
    mid-war years, I couldn't believe that much footage has survived,
    and the old champions get their word in too, to bring a personal touch.

    It brings to life the old Levis and HRDs and Cottons in a way which
    will allow you to appreciate the skill of riders from all eras and the
    difficulty of handling those no-suspension poor-braking wonders.

    Later on you'll thrill to watch the incredible speeds on better
    road surfaces and better machines, as these racers get airborne
    between buildings and trees at 120mph on a circuit which was declared
    "too dangerous to ride at 60mph"!

    Film quality is as good as the times allowed, interspersed with good
    modern footage of interviews with the champs at their clubs, museums,
    etc. Made in 4:3 standard telly size (not widescreen).

    A surprisingly long DVD watch, but entertaining all the way through if you
    are at all a petrol-head or just appreciate people risking their lives for
    the sake of being the best.

    Every one of the 220minutes (YES NEARLY 4 HOURS) is a great watch.
    4 1/2 stars (out of 5).