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Historic day for McAdam Park and local motorcycling community

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by vic, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Today is a significant day in the history of motorsport in the region with confirmation McAdam Park, Barrabool has been purchased by Motorcycling Australia, State Member for South Barwon, Michael Crutchfield said.

    Mr Crutchfield – who strongly supported the Sporting Motor Cycle Club, Geelong Moto Cross Club, and Otway Trail Raiders campaign to secure the facility – said the sport of motorcycling in the region had been secured.

    “The State Government has been a significant supporter of this venue and in securing it as a home for the three local community clubs, which is why we committed $1.27m towards the purchase,” Mr Crutchfield said.

    “McAdam Park is a renowned international and national motorcycling facility that caters for hundreds of local families who choose motorsport as their preferred leisure activity.

    “The State Government is proud to support this project and delighted that Motorcycling Australia, Sporting Motor Cycle Club and Surf Coast Shire have committed funding towards the acquisition of McAdam Park.

    “McAdam Park is an important community sporting asset and I am personally delighted the State Government has played a leading role in helping to secure its future for the people of Geelong and the Surf Coast.

    “As well as a venue for major and community events, McAdam Park also offers new or young motorcycle riders with a safe place to enjoy the sport they love.

    “McAdam Park also plays an important role in helping these riders to gain the necessary skills associated with riding recreational motorcycles in a safe and socially responsible way.

    “The campaign to save McAdam Park has involved not only this government, Surf Coast Shire, clubs, and the wider community, but also many local businesses that have financially supported this venue through fundraising activities and they should all be congratulated.

    “It is extremely disappointing that the City of Greater Geelong have not committed to McAdam Park in relocating the Geelong Moto Cross Club there.

    “It has been disgraceful how the Geelong Moto Cross Club members have been treated by COGG and the council must as a priority commit at its next council meeting, the $660,000 to the McAdam Park facility so the club has a permanent home,” Mr Crutchfield said.

    MEDIA CONTACT: Michael Crutchfield 0409 529 430 or Adam Olive 5244 2288/0438 297 514
  2. Bloody yay.