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His AND Hers bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ~DadAgain~, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. I've recently come to the conclusion that I cannot stomach public transport any longer and that our family needs to move up from being a '1 car' family to having some other form of transport.

    A second car would be handy and convenient - but costly to the point that the missus would probably have to do an extra days work a week to pay for it.

    So the bike idea has been raised. I'm quite keen and the idea of minimal parking problems, good fuel economy etc etc seem to make a bike a decent commuter choice.

    Our schedules are such that it would actually be really handy if somedays I took the bike and some days the wife took the bike (leaving the car driver to handle childcare runs etc etc).

    I'm not looking for anything too scarey - we're both complete biking n00bs - so is there a bike that might suit us both? The problem here is I'm 6'3" and the wife is 5'0" !!

    I was thinking something like a 10year old Kawasaki ZZR250 for around $4-$5k might do the job - but would a 5'0" rider be able to fit on it? (Is there any bike that 5'0" rider could manage?)

    Any thoughts would be appreciated - I know nothing - so any ideas are welcome!
  2. do a search on a vtr250 :)

    But really there are plenty of bikes out there that would do the job. I think you will find the zzr to tall for wife though.

    cheers stewy
  3. You may want to consider two bikes ... :-k
    Then again .. 2 sets of rego & insurance .. :cry:
  4. The 5' rider shouldn't have any issues with a ZZR, but at 6'3" you may find yourself a little pretzeled onto it.
    If it is comfortable for you though it would be a good bet. The only real way to try it out is get out and both of you sling your legs over one and see.
    Being in QLD arn't there provisions for bigger bikes streight out of your Ls course?
    That opens up some of the 500cc options to you. So maybe for your 6'3" frame these would be a better option.
    Personaly I highly recomend the zzr if you can fit on it.
  5. yes after doing my Q-Ride course I should be legally eligable to ride anything. Thats doesnt necessarily mean its a good idea to get on a rocket-powered death-ride though does it?

    2 bikes isnt that good an idea 'cos we might need to do a 'switcheroo' some days where I drive to wifes work after dropping kids off and bike away leaving her to drive home and pick kids up... (bloody child logistics - nightmare!!! :roll: )

    I guess we just have to look around and see (and have to see if we can both get our licences first!)
  6. ZZR250 will work, low seat height. I'm 6'1" and it was fine for me - yes not perfect but either is my upgrade so who cares - its mind bogglingly cheap and an awesome commuter - 18L tank gets you 400kms before you turn to reserve and 50 more until you're totally out.

    FYI I sold my 02 with 25k kms on it for 4400. Also I'd advise you check out gpx250, 98% exactly the same thing as zzr250 but less plastic. They have been running them out as there is the new 250 ninja to replace it. You can get an 05-06 gpx with bugger all kms for 4500-5000 pretty easily.
  7. have you looked at the scooter option. we started with a 100cc honda lead rather than buy another car and they are great for around the suburbs and very cheap to buy and run. my wife rides it a lot. it weighs 100kg so she manages it easily in the city. I ride it for local trips (shops, gym etc). she now also has a burgman 250cc scooter for touring and I have an ER6.
  8. +1

    The scooter option sounds like it would be the best choice:
    1. you get luggage space
    2. cheap insurance and rego
    3. much better fuel economy
    4. automatic so no gear changing
    5. new rider freindly
  9. Now That's an Idea ! :idea:
  10. I definately wasn't sugesting go for a CBZXGXRRRRRRRR... i was more thinking of and er500 or a gsxf650, or whatever other sports tourer strikes your fancy. I am definately not one to advocate going to a big bike early, i think the pratctice with a limited power under the throtlte is healthy. I was just thinking of the size considerations.
    As I said if you fit on the ZZR go for it, they are very nice bikes. And as has been also said here the GPX is very similar. they are not finished as well, and have a slightly longer reach to the bars, but the engine and gearbox are the same.
  11. a bigger scooter (ie over 100cc) will probably be better for you both, since it doesnt really matter that you're 2 different heights.

    with the bikes, either she won't touch the ground, or you will look squished no matter what you get.
  12. Rego on a bike can be signicantly less than a car. Somewhere around half the price, depending on who you get your greenslip through and the size of the bike.

    I wouldnt insure a bike comprehensively if it cost less than say $5,000. My car third party property damage is a lot more than twice my bike third party property damage insurance.

    So for me, two bikes would be cheaper on rego and insurance than one car.

    Anyway, here are the his and her bikes:
  13. great looking bikes psybic - but 2 different bikes doesnt help us with a 'drive in-bike out' or 'bike in-drive out' plan and as yet I havent seen a bike that will safely carry 2 toddlers as passengers - so we gotta keep the car for at least one journey!

    I think the way to go is for me to get a bike and then see if the missus is even remotely interested in jumping on and having a ride!

    I just had a quick check at insuremyride.com.au and the difference between third party insurance and fully comp is negligable! a Kawa250 fully comp comes in at $290 a year and third party $250... For that I might as well have the fully comp - even if the bike is only $5K
  14. maybe consider or have you looked at a fjr1300 with touring panniers :)

    oh btw i don't have children (just incase anyone was worried) :LOL:
  15. Ahhh I thought you wanted both. Misread the title of the thread.

    Anyway, did I mention the smaller of those two bikes is going to retail for about $3,490 + ORCs. Is 200cc, learner legal and only weighs a tad over 100kg, making it much lighter than the GPX as well as cheaper.

    Just incase you are interested....
  16. Damn thats cheap?! So whats wrong with it? With other 250cc bikes having a new price of ~$7-8k Is it just that at 200cc its underpowered?

    Anywhere I can see one of those Brisbane?

    Theres definately a certain appeal to getting a 'new' bike rather than a 8yr old even if it is a depreciation nightmare and has a limited lifespan (I'm assuming the quality must be lacking and the comparison must be like a new Daiwoo vs 6yr old Honda in car terms!)... might give it some thought
  17. Have you considered some sort of dirt bike? They work well as commuters and are generally pretty fuel effiecent, I can get 3L/100km if I'm averaging around the 80km/h mark.

    They crash well are cheap to run and maintain, and easy to learn on. Something like a super sherpa or xt225 should fit both of you and handle anything other than highway travel, if your going to be doing some highway ks there are far better options.
  18. You're spot on mate. Great analogy. It is like a new Daiwoo vs an Old Honda. Someone after performance, would always be better off spending same money on an older vehicle, which is higher quality, but older with more kms and styling is outdated.

    Can't see one in Brisbane yet, I only have the one in Sydney getting brake tested and lights tested to ensure it meets ADR standards.

    Sign up on my site in my sig and you'll get an update as soon as it passed compliance.
  19. Hi DadAgain, welcome from another Brisbane rider!

    I'd suggest you and the missus do the round of the bike shops, and sit on all the bikes you can, work out which fits her, or can be lowered, but is still reasonably comfortable for both of you.

    I'm 5'8", and look like a giant when I'm on my GPX250, but I know guys who are 6' who had them for learner bikes and loved them.

    Is your wife keen to learn to ride? Have you asked her yet? :grin:
  20. I guess that is opinion based. The opinion of what you SHOULD look like on a bike differs. I've seen many a taller person on a GPX250 looking just right.