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hiring a motorbike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by zilly, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. My brother wants to get some riding practice in before he goes for his P's (but he isn't interested in actually buying a bike as he only wants the license so he can feel safer riding bikes overseas)

    Has anyone hired a motorbike from these guys? Would you use them again? Why did you hire a bike? how long did you have it for? how far did you go?

    I got these companies from the links section on here. These look to be ones that are situated in Melbourne.

    If you know of any other hire places I should check out that have depots in Melbourne let me know.
  2. Good question. I looked into it ages ago to see if it would be practical to get a bike for my dad and go on a short roadtrip. But it seemed excessively expensive :cry:

    Perhaps ride yours around? :)

  3. nah theres no way I am letting him near my bike, one he is a big brute 6'2 and two hes very much a force it person instead of feel the bike (it will get thrashed)

    Also it doesn't help the fact that we want to ride to Bendigo together (hard to do when sharing the one bike). I don't imagine him hiring a bike with no one to ride with
  4. I did hire a bike, CBR600, several years ago from a shop in High Street Kew, don't think its still there though.

    I do remember that the hire rate was cheap maybe $100.00 a day, but excess in the event of a drop was very high about $1,000.00.

    Another shop did not have insurance on their bikes, said that they couldn't for sportsbikes and if you damaged it you paid, they also required something in the order of a $2,000.00 deposit.

    So after a while I decided it was cheaper to go out and buy myself a bike.
  5. I have hired from Garners before, and had no issues. However as has been mentioned, it isn't cheap, you have to put down a substantial deposit/bond.

    How much "practice" is he anticipating on wanting before he gets his P's? If he doesn't mind the costs I understand that they do hire bikes to learners, but when you are talking about $450-850 per week, his money may be better spent on buying an older bike that he can then always sell later and recoup much of his costs, rather than spending hundreds of dollars that he has no hope of recovering...
  6. I was thinking of a weekend of riding, then see what his riding skill is like afterwards
  7. I have hired several bikes from Garners.

    They were great and I didn't have any issues. While it seemed a little expensive it was heaps cheaper than buying a bike at the time.

  8. If its just for a weekend, head into Garners then. The bikes I hired there were well maintained and reliable. And they have a range of suitable 250's there he can choose from as a learner, that for a weekend isn't going to be too expensive for that amount of time. The deposit they normally charge to your credit card and reverse the charges on your return with the bike.

    Good luck :)
  9. Did you guys also hire the gear? or did you bring your own?
  10. Took my own gear, but one of the times I went I hired some gear for a pillion passenger - jacket, gloves, helmet
  11. Same!