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Hiring a bike in Brisbane?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Black Magic, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. I was wondering if someone could help me with where I could hire a bike for a day in Brisbane?
    I have met someone who rides but doesn't currently own a bike who I would like to go on a ride with.
    Also any idea how much, deposit, insurance issues etc??
    Thanks everyone.


  2. Well, what good is he then ?

  3. He is good for lots more than owning a bike. But I would like to go on a ride with him :cry: (On the bike that is.) :oops:
  4. If you can't find someone to hire from just go to a bike store and till them you really want to buy a bike but you need to take it for a test ride for the day. :grin:
  5. If he loved you he would buy a bike.

    Where's his bike? What happened to it? Is he sure it was a bike he was riding? Does he have his own gear? What colour is it?
    Why don't you just throw him on the back....then you can pillion him as well when your finished.
    To be sure you should ask him 'slip your clutch' and see if he goes for you or your bike first.
    How's his throttle control?
    Does non-fling oil actually work when you're having a fling?

    There...happy now Micky?
  6. You missed out the key question !

    Does he use moisturiser ?

  7. You gotta have that!!

    Or how about canola oil hey Kier?!

  8. He will buy himself a bike when the time is right- just doesn't own one right now. He does have his gear and owned a ZX12R for a very long time.
    He knows exactly how to 'slip my clutch' and has excellent throttle control.... Answered all your questions correctly did I? :wink: :LOL: :cool: