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Hiring a bike for the GOR

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by smileedude, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. I'm planing a road trip with the misses in January. We are driving from Sydney to Victoria for a festival in Beaufort. We have a bit over a week after the festival and we're planning on heading down and enjoying the GOR. I would love to hire a bike for a day or two, whack the misses on the back and have a nice ride around the area.

    I'm currently on a scooter but have plans on buying a bike when I have the money and the scooter kicks the bucket. I've been looking at the CB400. So part of the experience will be trying to hire one of these and seeing if I like it.

    So any recommendations on where to hire a bike?
  2. yep theres a place in Nth Melb that hires bikes, the name escapes me at the moment but will see if Ican ride past and get the details, do you have a full license?

    check this site out http://www.garnersmotorcycles.com.au/
  3. Thanks mate,

    Yeah I have a full unrestricted license and been riding for 5 years. But as I understand from Netrider I will automatically gain demerit points for simply sitting on a bike in Victoria so I might not have it for too long.
  4. check updated posting with site for you to look over
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  6. --didn't read OP properly --
  7. I might be able to lend you my Suzuki GS500 for a day or two.
    Yes I know its not a CB400, but it probably sucks just as much at 2 up riding.
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    That is really nice of you. But I don't mind forking out the cash to hire one and it will be more convenient. The missy is used to pillion on the 200 scooter, so any thing bigger is going to be fun.
  9. I'm heading down to SA for the next couple of weeks. Was thinking of riding down but given the timetable with the family that would mean long trip straight to melbourne along the freeway to maximise and that doesn't appeal. Also my although encouraging me to ride was relieved when I said I would go down in the car with her and the kids.

    Someone suggested hiring a bike down there.

    We're down there for 2 weeks, and I need a LAMs bike. Most places i've found would charge between $1500-2000 for something like a CB400 or a 650GS.

    Just wondering if any victorian folk know of somewhere a bit more economically friendly. $1.5-2k seems a fair bit just for the chance to ride a bike for a couple of weeks. I can't really bring myself to pay that much given that riding it will probably be intermittent interspersed with family outing etc.

    Anyway, I'm sort of resigned that maybe its not going to happen or I might try and arrange something for a shorter period but as there a lot of victorians here on NR someone might know of something.

  10. It's three demerit points for thinking about sitting on one.