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Hire a bike for the P's test?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by arithon, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. So I was at the practice session last Friday night at stayupright at Clyde, and the instructor gives me a 50/50 chance of passing the P's test I have booked for next week. He asks if I've got a bike at home, and I say yes (a ZZR) and he says thats great, and I should practice on that and bring it when I do my test.

    Then I mention that I've arranged to hire one of their bikes to do the P's test, and everyone I've spoken to recommended that I should use theirs and not use my own, because theirs are easier to do cones / u-turns on. He thought that was nonsense, that the test can be performed on any bike, and I should use my own bike which I'm more familiar with.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  2. Doing it on their bikes is a cop out and very easy.

    If you intend to own a sports bike, practice on one!

    I have seen so many guys lately do U turns walking the bike its a wonder how they got their license!

    If your at 50:50, practice, your not far off
  3. both cone weave and uturns are doable on a zzr, just practice

  4. yep... they're just piss easy on a naked 250
  5. depends how much longer you have on your licence and if you can afford to fail.
    you can leave your sports-commuter in the carpark and hop on a strange cb250 and still pass the test, getting no points.
    but as someone said, it is a cop out. once you can nail that u-turn you'll have so much more confidence with leaning it over on the road
  6. Honestly, wtf is up with you people. "Its a cop out?"

    Who cares?!

    I always thought the idea was to pass your test - not to make it hard for yourself.

    Did you guys/gals sit your test in the rain? If not, go back and re-sit it - otherwise your test was a cop out. Was it windy? Was there hail? Was there a fat lady with two kids walking out in front of you while you were doing a u-turn, showing you the finger when you slam on your brakes?
    These are all real life conditions, and there are many more... I think you guys all copped out.
  7. U-turn is tough on a ZZR, but with plenty of practice it can be done.

    Might be a wise move to just pay up and rent one of their bikes - at least then you know you'll pass.

    If you fail, you'll have to pay to do the test again and that will cost heaps.

    When I did the P's test, the guy on the ZZR couldn't do the U-turn during practice but luckily nailed it during the test.
  8. i had my own gpx but used their 250 dirt bike. i could almost lift the thing in the air.i could of used the virago but why make it harder on yourself, u have plenty of time for practising when u get ure licence.
  9. Firstly, you use the phrase "cop out" in a derogatory (general) fashion. I didnt, ready the 2nd paragraph, only if you intend to ride sports bikes!!

    Do you think its safe for someone to "walk" a bike to do a U Turn? I have seen guys walk a U turn in the middle of OR and one of my mates nearly hit someone walking a bike on the exit of a corner (he was at full lean- stupid in itself) but admittedly the guy I came across seen me cranked over and stopped so all I had to do was keep it cranked over.

    I did my test in the rain, no wind or hail- I think they would postpone on the latter... which idiot would make a noob ride on ice balls? How passing your P's in the rain makes a difference to a 5klm weave and a 20klm stop "difficult" is beyond me.

    U turns on sports bikes (CBR or RVF) are tougher. The ZZR is easier, CB250 even easier.

    As I said, if you intend to own a sports bike, do it now, get it out of the way and it will never be a problem later on.

    Sorry for suggesting the most practical way to pass.
    Sorry for suggesting the cheapest way.
    Sorry for suggesting on how to become a better rider.

    As I said on here some before, set your throttle, wrist high on a sports bike (to clear the tank) turn in, lean the opposite way pushing the bike into the corner and it will make it. Use your body as a counter balance and the bike wont fall.

    Dont forget to ride the clutch, drag the brake and keep your head turned.

    You have about 15 practice goes before the test- I.e all morning.

    Some instructors wont give you tips while others will. I had to help the guy on the CBR when I went, after he seen me do it, he got the confidence it wont fall (as long as your riding/draging the Rr brake) and started to practice it and by lunch could easily nail it!

    Practice dude- even ask a mate to give you some tips after watching you.
    Get him to do it infront of you! Confidence is everything on this.

    Just dont do what someone else did on another forum, get confident, sit there doing circles, get dizzy and drop the bike! :LOL:

    Funny story time
    Mate, doing his P's hired a Trail bike (didnt own a bike). On teh road ride he was popping wheelies all over the place lagging behind the group. Gut busted by another tester following behind.
    Guy doing his L's course on a scooter in another group, some how gassed it up going around in circles (said he went for the brake) and went flying into the fence.

    More but CBF typing
  10. THeir bikes are easier to do it on, but you personal;ly might find it easier or your bike because its easier. Personally i don't think its woth the money to hire. I did it on m CBR250RR which is supposed to be one of the harest. I did it, but i lost al 8 points in that damn u turn. Still passed though and saved myself a lot of money on hiring. zzr would be easier, the handlebars are higher...

  11. Everyone says there bikes are easier to past the test on etc...
    Being the CB250 at the stay up right centres here in sydney/nsw which has a far easier turning ability then the likes of a CBR250.

    I did the P's on my CBR.. I didnt even consider using any other bike.
    Because thats the bike id been riding everyday, and the one I knew best.

    I guess, its each to their own... but I passed easily, no points!
  12. Thanks for the advice guys. I can do a u-turn just under the 6m limit right now. Thats on the zzr.

    But I think I'll hire a bike anyway. They seemed good in the practice session, and it means I won't run into any potential problems with my 15yo zzr (sometimes it won't start up straight away - I don't want to be sitting there waiting for it to start, having the instructor looking over my shoulder).
  13. Hahah.. dont worry, my bike cut out twice during the free practice.

    Second time round, had to get the instructor to give me a push so I could clutch start it... dont think the CBR liked the extended slow pace.

    Went out during the lunch brake, opended her up.. was all sweet afterwards.
  14. Well I passed, hired a CB250 from them, and yeah - it was piss easy. Tightest u-turn of my life.

    Only got 4 points, all on the braking.

    No more tests till I'm 80yo.... I'm so relieved.
  15. Congratulations. Now you need to practice, practice, practice. You wont always get a second chance on the road. Well done anyway.