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Hirano Pop (Japan)

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by mullalyup, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of a manual for a 1957, 175cc, Hirano Pop?

  2. my great grandfather had one once upon a time. Apparently it was sold to a nomadic group of middle aged gypsys touring oz. On the Gypsys return to Uzbekistan, the manual was offloaded by the gypsys to a local Impoverished Hirano Pop riding rice farmer in exchange for a bowl of rice. On discovering the manual was printed in English, he hoisted the manual over the fence he was standing next too, landing in a pile of fresh yaks dung. 5 years later, a young local Uzbeky boy,saw the manual laying on the ground outside farmer Boris Krakows fence. The boy read the manual for hours and hours on end, not understanding a single word, but swearing one day when he could afford it, a Hirano Pop would be his. Unfortunately for young Ninitski, he was frozen to death during a particularly cold winter in 1962. The manual was then traded at the local book exchange by Ninitskis parents, for 2 rubels, enough for a small bunch of daisies for his burial. There to this day, the manual remains.
  3. So, did young Ninitski's parents bury the Hirano Pop manual with his body ? If so, I have something to look forward to when I die. I will ammend my will to ensure that I am buried with the Hiraro Pop. Young Niniski and I can burn around the clouds together.

    If young Ninitski wasn't interred with the manual, where in Uzbekistan is it likely to be located?
  4. Acording to the Uzbeky yellow pages > http://yellowpages.rin.ru/cgi-bin/index_e.cgi?z=UZ

    i can only find 1 book shop in Uzbekistan so it should be easy to find

    City Tashkent
    Name of enterprise "OZIK OVKAT SAVDO LTD"
    Activity fields Polyethylene forms, writing-books, paper, mayonnaise, ketchup, tomato paste, vegetables and fruit
    Telephones to contact (99871) 133-18-87
    Fax 1207164
    Mail address 1 Yangibazarnaya St., Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan, 700007

    Hope this helps
  5. Yes. Thanks for pointing that out. I misread the original post. I'll check out the Uzbeky yellow pages for bookshops
  6. Not a problem, we're here to help :p
  7. cool looking scooter :)
  8. Duffman, How do you know what a Hirano Pop looks like? I have a photo here somewhere, but I don't know how to post it.
  9. [​IMG]

    I just like the look of the lines of it. Granted, you cant see much from that shot, but you get the idea.
  10. Duffman, thats the same photo that I have. My one has a chrome rail at the rear of the rear seat. No side covers though. There must be an "Elephant's Graveyard" for side covers somewhere.

    Have you got a photo of the Hirano Valmobile?, the suitcase on wheels.

    If so, you should stick it up for a laugh.
  11. you mean this one....




    certainly an interesting bit of kit :shock:
  12. Hey Duffman,
    Iv'e seen the 1st pic but not the 2nd. Looks cool in orange.
    looks like that the front assembly swivels and locks for ease of transportation (in a car) You could go down to the pub on a Friday night and bum a lift home with someone else.
  13. Duffman! I'm starting to suspect this is a one man comedy routine :p