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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by BitSar, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. As a Cyclist and ex-demo and racer - push bike Hipsters kill me...........

    As a Motorcyclist and having previously lived in Brunswick and Northcote - MOTO Hipsters kill me even more.

    Is it just me?
    Do the rest of you feel physically revolted by these Retro-wanna-bees?

    If you want a fixed-gear push-bike........learn to ride Track
    If you want a nostalgic bike then get a classic! Don't buy an Enfield Bullet! ](*,)

    Consider the can of worms opened....


    Do you?
  2. If people can build it and/or fix it themselves I don't have a problem. I can certainly see the logic in buying something that is as easy to work on as a classic, but which does not require major restoration work to be able to use everyday.

    It's the people who buy it purely because they're chasing a certain "look" that s*&t me. But of course HD has been making money out of people like that for decades, so you can't really blame other manufacturers trying to get in on the action.
  3. Agreed....

    It's not the idea of new (old style things) which sh!ts me.....it's the people who buy into the Hipster image who give me the sh!ts so completely.....

    Go and make Asparagus soup or something..........!
  4. What's a hipster, and why should I care?
  5. I blame Apple. They're the ones that mastered the art of convincing people they were being different as long as they kept buying what they were told - even when the new products were just to fix the f*&k ups they made with the previous model.
  6. THIS

    Is representative of a Hipster


    Is an actual schematic of one
  7. Post made sense until hd was mentioned , why is hd relevant
  8. You had me at "self-importance"...
  9. Sure, but I can walk down the road (literally) and buy myself a full leather racing suit with *insert name here* blazoned across the front.
  10. Or to personify the douche-bags we see exhibit A

  11. It's the original "retro" motorcycle. Again, don't have an issue with people who buy them because they're easy to work on - but those who buy them purely for the image are no different to hipsters.
  12. I doubt he has a harley
  13. Doesn't everyone buy the bike they like the 'look' of? I bought an Enfield because I liked the classic look, because I thought it looked cool. Not cool to others, cool to me. Could not even begin to care whether other people liked it or not. Thanks for the rage though Bit
  14. You say hipster I think weezer
  15. With that attitude you should've got a Tard :D
  16. I thought hipsters were jeans...

  17. personally i love the cafe racer look,
    and i originally wanted a super-retard for my L's

    but unfortunetly the image these have become has ruined it for me.
    i genuinly love the cafe racer look and style, i love the function over form or comfort (as people know with my bike). but unfortunetly the current fad of them has ruined it for me. im now finding myself looking at r6's cause i dont want to be associated with the latte racers. (which is strange cause a few months ago i saw r1/r6 as a poser bike, now it seems they have moved on from them.)
  18. Yes please................... O
  19. ugh, off-topic but man do I love chicks stomachs...I don't know why but I do
  20. I like the part below the stomach.