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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jphanna, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. unusual title i know,

    but because i dont ride very often, due to heaps of other interests taking up most of my weekends, when i do get to ride, i go on a big ride, knowing that my next ride is possibly weeks away.

    one thing i have noticed is that my hips get tight after big ride. am i doing soemthng wrong.....while riding. my typical riding day out is in adelaide hills with never ending corners.

    what do you feel after a big ride?

  2. Tired.

    What sort of bike do you have? Have you ridden a different style bike over the roads?
  3. Cruiser? I had a cruiser and got sore hips when 'not riding enough OR not being fit' Found needed to get off, do some squats or take a break. That was MY experience
  4. a title about ass..., hmmm
  5. mini cruiser.

    its not a problem, but wondering if tight 'hips' is a sign of bad technique....
  6. Someone else maybe able to answer it better. But, to me it sounds like you may not be 'ride fit'. In other words you don't ride often enough, so when you do go on a big ride you're muscles are being used in a way/position they aren't used to.

    My suggestion would be to ride more, and maybe take a different style of bike on the same ride and see how you feel.

    I know myself, that I can ride my Bandit all day without a problem, but 30 minutes on a cruiser and I'm in pain and want to get off.
  7. +1 ride some more.

    If your hips are sore it probably is pointing to you gripping the tank with your legs which is the right way to go about it.

    You'll get used to it with some more time in the saddle.