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hippy barthday panza

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by lowercase, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Have a good one, Michael :D

    Hope you get out riding and I hope you got the day off work!!

    hols :D

  2. God ****in love ya!
    Big negatory on that though, im at work, although im determined to do absolutely nothing today. The new beast is sitting in the garage today as i needed the car for a few things unfortunately. Determined that i will ride tomorrow.
  3. Feck, just take tomorrow off work. You're "sick" cough.. ;)

    Go out riding, man!
  4. Im the boss, so i'd have to berate myself.
  5. Close the company down tomorrow? Let em know you need to do some fumigating for the bugs so needs 3 days to air out? :p
  6. Happy Birthday panza.
    Though you're at work, hope you're having a great day with many drinkies to come later on.
    Cheers mate (y)
  7. Nah i have 15 other people that can work just fine without me...
    Ill just take a massive lunch i reckon.
  8. massive lunch = win :)