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hippy barthday carpetbelly!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by lowercase, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. [MENTION=33733]carpetbelly[/MENTION] - hippy barthday!

    i hope work wasn't too shitty today, that you got out for a ride, and got to enjoy a couple of drinks this evening :)

    you coming to the bbq on sunday?
  2. he finaly had a bath?
  3. or is it his 1st with a hippy?
  4. hehe hippy maybe, bath, ergh, no ;)
    well, maybe later lol
  5. hes a pom, they don't shower

    Happy Birthday ol chap
  6. Happy Birthday Mate, c u at the BBQ
  7. Happy B'day.

    What bank do you work at?

  8. indeedy... I should also stop brushing my teeth so I get the bad teeth us poms are all meant to have lol :D

    I work at cba for my sins lol
  9. it aint so bad :)

    Have a safe weekend then matey. Let me know how you feel taking that course this time round :)
  10. Hey, I'm with CBA! Can you get me a loan for a motorcycle at the rate of a car loan?
    Lol, happy birthday!
  11. Happy Birthday buddy!