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Hippo Birdy!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. Birthday wishes to Nova-Coder and our other two birthday peoples!!! Hope the presents present themselves, the weather is fine, and a ride is part of YOUR day!

  2. Yo Nova, Happy birthday :)
  3. Happy birthday Nova!!

    Have a great day!!


    :D :D
  4. Hope you all have a gr8 day!
  5. Happy Birthday Nova!

    Have a fantastic day :)
  6. Haappeee Birfdee Nova!
    May many more Kwaka's with knobs on come your way. :D
  7. Happy Birthday All! :D
  8. Thanx guys (wipes tear from eye) :p

    Having a good day so far, just came back from seeing Charlie and his chocolates in Gold Class 8)

    My birthday present to myself is the Honda Ride day next weekend at Phillip Island (8) x2)

    Only downer was finding grey hairs in my stubble this morning...ah the joys of advancing years (must grab a bottle of Just for Men tomorrow!)

  9. Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a great (if miserable weatherwise down here :evil: ) day!!!

    :D :D :D