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Hip protection

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FluxCapacitard, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Hi all.

    I'm looking to get a good set of non leather pants, with protection as my number one criteria. I have found that although most jeans and textiles have knee armour, very few come with hip armour (though some have EVA foam and so forth). I'm currently down to deciding between jeans with hip armour, or textile pants without.

    I was hoping to get some experienced opinions on how important hip protection was? Further, has anyone added hip armour pockets to pants?

    Any suggestions would be most welcome.

  2. I bought my most recent pair of "jeans" (Bullit brand, heavy rated) with built in armour pockets, though I haven't bough the inserts as yet. My son suffered a fractured hip in his last accident. Armour MIGHT (no certainty) have helped.
  3. I have never seen any hip armor. My road pants have thy padding. My off road pants have a 5 mm section of soft foam in the hip section and that all I have ever seen,road or off road. My last ride off road had me landing hard in my hip on a rock shelf after failing to wheelie over it. I have no idea why there isn't any around.
  4. I was quite glad I had hip armour in the last pair of Draggin Chinos I crashed in. It wasn't so much for the impact protection but because the badly designed seam in the pants burst open almost instantly on contact with the road, leaving the temperfoam the only thing to offer any abrasion protection in the area. That said, I've not had any in any of the kevlar strides I've worn since (not Draggins but much cheaper and better designed/made).

    I would regard hip armour as potentially useful but would not regard it as essential. It would come well down my list of deciding factors when choosing pants.