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Hip Joints locking while riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by awseome, May 8, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys

    wondering if anyone else gets this, sometimes both my hips lockup while riding its pretty painful and i always have to stop and strech a bit before i can continue. seems to happen without any apparent reason. i have tried sitting more back a little more front but to no avail.

    so next time u see a Z750 in the emergency lane and a rider doing aerobics that would be me.

  2. Which emergency lane?? You haven't filled out your profile so we can't look out for you and laugh, sorry....

    Joints locking????? do you not mean cramping?
  3. monash hehehe :) no cramping just locking restricts all movement all of a sudden. wonder how would i explain this to a doctor...
  4. I get a bit stiff on the bike sometimes too...maybe I just enjoy it too much :)

    I've had that happen but it seems to be when my pants are too low, then straddling makes them tight around the thigh and cuts the blood off.
  5. I had my right side hip lock cramp up once and had to pull over,the pain was incredible not sure of the cause but not nice.

  6. now why didn't i think of that before :roll:
  7. Having been through a number of joint problems, I think the fastest way to get it assessed is NOT to see a regular GP, or a physio (where the GP will probably try to send you) but to see a remedial therapist.

    I had 3 different surgeons want to cut open my right shoulder for three different treatments of the same problem, with all of them saying there was a risk of damage. This was after two physios couldn't work out the issues either. I saw a remedial therapist whose specialty is joint manipulation and I was stunned! He fixed the problem on the spot, and then did about 6 "tune ups" over a period of 3 months. There were then some discrete episodes where the joint went out the same way and I managed to fix them myself.

    Hip joints are funny ones because the range of movement is quite large and there are a number of different layers of muscles and connective tissues.

    Might not solve your problem, but most GPs resort to anti-inflammatories or physio or surgery without even considering manipulation.
  8. Pick the sportsbike riders..... :p
  9. thx for your advice Mac i might just do that. hate the pain while riding.
  10. I get something similar - although it's more of a cramp and only in my left hip. Good to know there's other freaks out there. :p

    And I don't ride a sportsbike... :roll:
  11. i got told it can be helped my exercising that joint. So do some squats (about 30 or so) every couple of days (or up and down stairs / stair master) So it strengthens the muscle.

    I lock/cramp up on my right hip ever since I fell off my horse in 99. I probably did some damage to it, but was more concerned with teh broken arm
  12. I used to get that sort of thing riding RS125 for several hours without breaks. I figured it was due to the size of the bike (I'm 1.84m tall, so it wasn't exactly perfect for me). Never had that problem on bigger machines - not even riding for 15 hours straight.
  13. a stop and stretch in the middle probably makes you last longer at the end of the "ride" anywayz, so its not such a bad thing..

    as for the pants too low.. i find it easier with pants off, unless its just a quicky. :grin:
  14. You have been using mineral oil to long.
    Switch to an expensive brand of synthetic and you'll be as flexable as Annabell Chong in no time :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Occasionally after taking off from a standstill, my left hip use to get a pain. I found that just standing up on the pegs and then sitting down again relieved it.
    +1 on the swats. Since I've been in the gym doing some swats, I haven't had a problem.
  16. so the solution would be to use better oils and do squats.. now do i use the oil before or after i start doing squats :p . and yup standing up on pegs and sitting back down works. thanks for that.
  17. might need to do some stretches to loosen everything up. I'd talk to a physio.
  18. +1 for standing up on the pegs. I've had my fair share of surgery on my left leg over the years. When I had my 91 Gixxer, my left hip would "lock" just after taking off from a standstill. Since I've had my STriple, it's happened to me a couple of times, but nowhere near as often as it did on the gixxer. Usually occurs at the start of my ride. Once I warm up, the hip seems to free itself.
  19. What the????????????

  20. i womder how what would my fiancee think of this :?: :!: :!: