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Himalayas anyone?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by peter-reebok, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. Anyone done the Ferris Wheels Himalayas tour?

    Getting the travel itch again.

    Since inc airfares, you are looking at about 8-9 k, I am looking for some feedback from anyone who has done this tour.
  2. I've been thinking about doing some sort of motorcycle touring trip for some time. No idea what
  3. i am thinking about doing the july one next yr...
  4. :LOL: I worked for an Indian boss once, and he was fond of saying, "The British invented bureaucracy, but the Indians perfected it..."
  5. Just looked at the pics in that thread - absolutely mind blowing.

    Have discussed it with family, and they are sending me next year for my 50th birthday pressie.

    Guess I better buy a trailie and practice my dirt riding!
  6. Nice work Peter, reckon you'll have a blast.

    Hornet thanks for posting that link. I read every page, simply awesome.
  7. Just check carefully to make sure they've bought you a return ticket :LOL: .
  8. After being 'dead' quite a few times so far in my life, stroke, heart attack, hit by a semi, I could die a happy man after making it that far, and seeing all that. Unfortyunately, I am worth more dead than alive because of insurance!, so that may be my parting gift to them if something happened.
  9. Hi Peter

    I did a Ferris wheels tour many, many years ago, infact it was the first orginised tour Mike took to India. The tour didn't end they way we thought it would with very unseasonal rain ruining our return trip South to Deli from Lea, but an unsheduled trip to Rajistan helped to ease the pain.

    This still remains, some 13 years after the fact, the single biggest motorcycling adventure of my life. I could ramble on about all the magical sights and sound, the smells and the crush that is Indian life, but i will just tell you this

    Collect $200 for passing GO, book a seat, and give yourself over to a remarkable life experiance

  10. Awaiting return emails from ferris wheels - will definitely go now - will buy an old trailie and get some more offroad experience beforehand.
    The start assembling thermals etc et
    Been very interesting the responses I have got from friends and family - so far - they have all been envious
  11. We did the tour with this mob last year

    http://www.asianexperience.com.au/ It was one of the best 2.5 weeks of my life. The total cost for us was $6K each. The tour doesn't include food but it was cheap - Agra is the only expensive place we encountered.

    I would love to go back - 2 things preventing me going back: 1. the finance and 2. 'high altitude sickness'. Only got sick really bad for one night (head ache, tiredness & wanting to throw up) but I still remember it vividly! I did not enjoy that feeling.

    After the first day of riding out of Delhi it was smooth riding. The only other thing India is that there hotels have not got it quite right yet. The term we used is 'looks good on the outside but a bit dodgy on the inside' :p.

    Like everywhere you go - have an open mind and take it in stride. Be patient!
  12. Booking forms in - deposit paid - Woo Hoo!
    2009 is the year!
  13. You lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky bahsted Pete!!!!!
    Me and a English mate I met touring across Canada years back, while in the rockies pissed around a campfire, always VOWED to do this exact trip one day.
    We done Oz east coast and Kanananda together, and that is our ULTIMATE ride.
    Jealous as hell :LOL:
  14. 6 weeks to go

    leave in 6 weeks - getting real excited now!.

    Some things did not work out the way I planned - the car industry is doing it tough, so my income has almost halved in the last year.
    So - no traillie, just as many days riding in the dirt on the M109 as I can, will be nothing like an enfield, but experience is experience - can now ride my 350kg cruiser in sand, gravel and mud!.
    Only a little new gear (tougher boots) - will re use older gear - maybe replace on my return.
    Decided less is more on gear, so taking probably half what I planned a year ago.

    airfares paid for
    Tour paid for this week
    Visas done
    Vaccinations done
    gear assembled
    Big explorer moustache grown (not kidding either)

    How will I make it through the six weeks!.
  15. congrats pete - im soooo jealous. i expect loads of pics!
  16. This probably isn't the first time you've been told this, and it wont be the last, but remember that motorcycles are at the bottom of the food chain in India.
    You can split traffic like a mad man and no one will bat and eyelid, but don't expect much sympathy if a bus driver decides he wants the bit of road you're on. The road to Shimla will be particularly bad...

    Have fun, and just 'go with it'.
  17. Leaving on Tuesday - only 2 days to go!.

    Full Ride report when I return.

    Will just go with the flow and see what happens.