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Himalaya trip 2010

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by chrisg, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Just joined up, so I thought you might like a few pics I took on my Enfield trip last year............feel free to comment!


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  2. Manali - Leh - Srinagar?
  3. Leh - Khardung La - Pangong Tso - Spiti Valley - Shimla. absolutely bloody magic..........
  4. I survive on this stuff - more pics please!
  5. Did that route with ferris wheels in 2009.

    Memorable. Oh and many thousands of photos too.
  6. Attached a story I wrote after my trip - hope this is allowable; I have no association with the organiser............
  7. Excellent! It has been on my list for a while and I might do it next year August/September.

    The pictures are too small. Do you have a link?
  8. I hitched-hiked from Pakistan through Srinigar, Leh into Manali, would of loved to of done it on a bike instead of being crammed into the back of a truck with the goats! This brings back amazing memories. You have balls doing in on bike, the roads were not very friendly when I went though.
  9. Roads are bad - narrow and wet at altitude with diesel belching Tata trucks everywhere. Road rules are non existent, and everything uses them, so expect to see animals asleep in the middle of the road, and vehicles coming toward you on your side!! Madness, but bloody good fun!
  10. When did you go through Masakali?
    I covered the Pak side about 13 years ago, crossed into India ok, but got turned back at a checkpoint after Srinagar when they noticed the stamps on my passport.
    One day I'll go back with a new passport.
  11. Chris, did you end up getting to Nubra valley?

    I did a big one In 2005 .... covered around 6500 kms thru length of India, loved every bit of it.
    Want to do NE India and Myanmar sometime.
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  12. Good stuff Chris! Your pics brought back some fond memories.
    Was lucky enough to do a similar 3 week ride in 2008 on an Enfield Bullet in a small group: Menali - Leh - Pangong Tso - Kardung La - Nubra Valley - Kargil - Zanskar Valley - Zoji La - Srinigar. My favourite part? ALL OF IT!
    Still raving about it 5 years on and always happy to share some pics (can't post link unfortunately)

    MT hope you get there this year!
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  13. Wonderful photos Piersg! I am about to commit to a booking this September to the Himalayas on a motorcycle tour. I'm going on a 15 day tour - you can see my travel itinerary here - many of the destinations are similar to yours. How many days did you go for?
  14. Excellent photos piersg! How amazing is Ladakh?! I spent a couple of weeks there last April. I flew there from Delhi because it was too early for the Srinagar-Leh Road to be passable, but I did get to go up in a jeep to Khardung-La and play in the snow. Also attempted to go hiking but it started snowing on the third day and we had to turn back!
  15. Good one Lemontree, no doubt you'll love it and want to go back for more!
    We did a 21 day tour with about 18 ride days.
    The below link is pretty much the trip we did except they have shortened it a bit by flying into Leh instead of riding from Menali via Keylong, Sarchu & Tsokar, probably due to the roads washing out..
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  16. Piersg, great pics .... would love to go back !!!
  17. What month of the year was your trip?
    I've delayed my trip till next year as my bike won't be ready, I'm worried about the cold.