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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Hillsy, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Hey all, Hillsy here. Finally got my L's after my bro graduated from his LAMS ride and pestered me enough to buy it. Now I have a new obsession! In a couple of weeks I've racked up as many thousand k's, including going for a short ride last Friday night from home in Syd that ended up Lunch in Byron ;-) an experience I might not repeat to soon, at least till my body forgives me. Loved every minute... Well maybe not the B-Doubles around 8pm through kempsy, those mothers are crazier than me.

    Have been soaking up every nugget I can and appreciate it all so thanks, good to be here.

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  2. welcome aboard :]
  3. Welcome along.
    That's a crazy long ride for a new rider. All on the highway at 90 kmh?
    I hope that you started from some really north part of Sydney.
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  4. That Tri colour looks good
  5. Cheers Jeffco

    Hey Fin, from the northern beach's, not all freeway but yeah 90, parts of the old pacific and a nice bumpy sidetrack down The buckets way to Gloucester, various other tourist routes off the hwy. Did it over three days.

    Thanks mlks
  6. Phew, I'm glad you took a few days doing that.
    I found some lovely roads up that way when I took a tour last year.
    Maximum avoidance of freeway, where possible.
    Buckets Way, Oxley Hwy, Waterfall Way, Summerland Hwy. Mmmm

    I think it deserves another go
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  7. Buckets had me whooping out load, twisty's through this, yeah It deserves another go.
  8. Welcome to NR
  9. Welcome to NR. There's some great roads between the Hunter & Northern Rivers -- definitely worth taking a few days to explore.
  10. Welcome Hillsy... Really nice ride that you did...go up through Comboyne next time -a bit of dirt but well graded...
    Hope to meet you on a Syderney ride sometime!
  11. Thanks for the welcome Lazy Libran, DrSleepy, Oldmaid.

    Exploring even areas I know well is now so much more... Yeah a group ride sounds fun, will do one for sure.
  12. Welcome to the site Hillsy, your trip to Byron reminded me of a trip I did with a mate many many moons ago. We were two up on an old Kwaka Z900 and went from Brisvegas to Sydney and then returned through the night in pouring rain. Still to this day don't know what we were thinking or how we made it
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  13. Cheers Duke, didnt really think about how far I was going till it came time to head back, I'm sure that's familiar. Was thinking how best to plan the next one... But stuff that i loved not having a plan, I'll just have to be better prepared :)
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  14. Howdy Hillsy & Welcome to NR! Excellent choice in bike you have there :)
  15. Thanks Jaytee, she's treating me great so I'd have to agree ;-)