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Hills Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by oz-riley, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. Hey All,

    I thought I would say "Hi".

    Have been riding for many years now and have had a few different bikes, I live up in the Hills out of Melbourne so get plenty of knee scrapping riding.

    I got myself a new R1 in January this year and was rapt with the new toy, however in April I was involved in a hit and run which left my new pride and joy as a write off and me a bit busted up. Anyway, I am all fine now and I have another new shiny R1 to play with (just love insurance at this moment in time, but I am sure I won't like my next years renewal).

    I will get along to some of the coffee nights as I think they are a great idea, none of my friends ride any more so it will be good to talk to others about bikes, riding, etc.

    Will hit the other sections now

    Keep the rubber bits pointing down.


  2. Welcome Chris and congrats on your new R1, one of my dream bikes.
  3. Welcome Chris. If your friends don't ride anymore I'm sure you'll meet lots of other riders in your area, and others, through Netrider.
  4. G'day Chris, from an ex Cockatoo boy...., hope on your on of the made roads, I used to get jacked off with having to wash dirt and mud of my bloody bike every second day, but the run to Avonsliegh and back for the sunday paper was always fun.
  5. Hi ya Chris - damn lucky with what we have in our back yard, especially now the gembrook to launching place road is sealed ..... :wink:

    Feel free to join us down at an East-side coffee on a tues night


    Or catch you out on a ride at some stage :)

  6. Hi chris and welcome
    my father dug/built some of those roads in cockatoo
    well before all the houses were there there was only a goat track to the family home in the 1920s& 30's
    i still frequently go through there to get to packy and gippy :grin:

    there are quit a few of us not too far from you
    sorry to hear of your accident
    and pleased to hear you are back on board riding again
    i lived in Gembrook for a number of years in the 80's
  7. Thanks for the welcome guys,

    nobby, nope I am on a dirt road, bugger to keep cars and bikes clean.

    Black Betty, I did not know they had sealed the gembrook to launching place road, I will definatly give that a shot.
    I will get along to a tuesday coffee night, it is at La Porchetta Boronia, right?

  8. Yep, they sealed it towards the end of last summer if i recall.
    It wasnt very pleasant for the first few weeks after it was sealed, serious amounts of fine gravel on pretty much every corner. I'm hoping by now it's cleared off and it'll be a very pleasant way to get to Launching Place, then onto the spurs.
  9. Welcome from Wollongong, too, Chris

    I lived down that neck of the woods 20-odd years ago and rode a fearsome Kawasaki 250 triple two-stroke!! :LOL:
  10. On a quiet day, if you listen really hard, you can still hear the echo of Pauls 250 Kwaka as it screams it boobs off, (can't say tits as Paul is a clean living young lad) :LOL:

    What also used to bug me about being in Cockatoo was that if you did have a weekend of having to rake up leaves or other wind blown crap, it was bloody frustrating having to work and listening to all the lucky buggers reving it up through the hills. :cry:
  11. I was actually born in Cockatoo!

    around the time of the ash wed fires i think --- our neighbours ( from what ive been told had their house farked by the fires) -- ours thankfully was cool!

    glad to hear the insurance gave something back mate!
  12. welcome to our little world.. enjoy :grin:
  13. Welcome Chris, I must say that is a nice collection in the garage.