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Hills Ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sirprice, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Yesterday , just ripped off a nice 560 kays around Eildnon etc Via .. Kurth Kiln, Reefton, Eildon Jamieson etc Yea Whittlesea Kinglake Healsville and home all good going cept a little dirt on Chum Creek .
    Left home around 8am an back home around 330 ish ..
    Now need half a new rear tyre there is no tread left on one side:-(.

  2. how...?

    you hurt my head

  3. How ? on a motorcycle , most of it quite quickly ..:) with minimal stops .
  4. (y)

    funny fcuker

    i think it's just too early for my brain to work....more perplexed at you having no tread left on half your rear tyre - find it hard to believe you spent the entire trip doing right corner's lol
  5. Usually the on road bikes the right hand side of the tyre wears much quicker than the left hand side due to the camber of the road .
    Imagine from the centre of the road the camber drops away towards the gutters , on left handers the bike is pushing into the angle like the banking at Daytona , but on right handers the bike is 'Tending" to slid down the camber ,, hence right hand side wears off much faster , the harder you go the more evident this becomes .. So :-
    FJR ridden at a good pace means heavy bike ridden with a somewhat heavy hand and usually two uploaded will wear tyres out pretty quick..

    Left hand side of the tyre has at least 3 mm on it the right hand side is slick .
  6. yeah the second you said camber of the road memory came back..ta' gotcha