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Hills ride (VIC)

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by peter-reebok, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. Another 109 rider and I managed to get together and have a short ride this morning.

    Thru the hills of the Dandenongs. Incident free, and fun filled!. We used one of the rides we used for a Boulevard KRUZE, but this time it only took 1-1/2 hrs instead of 2-1/2!.

    He has the Big Air kit on his bike, and quite a few other mods.
    He has no sliders left on his bike, and mine is only a week old, so I was a bit concerned how I would fare.
    I am still not familiar with the low speed handling of the 109, so managed to make the odd stuff up on a roundabout, and on a hairpin, uneventful though.
    We sort of let the 9's off the leash though, mantaining a steady 100+ kmh, even when the advisory signs suggested 55 was a better speed (and it was a 60 kmh road!). Other rider was pushing a bit harder than me, a combination of only 800klm on my bike, and a lack of skill on my behalf, although I managed to scrape both sides repeatedly on the odd corner.
    Corner speeds were higher than I probably would have normally considered, but I managed to keep up. I especially liked the overtaking speed of the 9, a bit better than I am used to.
    The quiet coffee afterwards was enjoyable, and we have made some plans for a larger ride, with perhaps some more participants. And a SHED day, where we will grease driveshafts, check clutch cables, and maybe check clutch nuts, etc.
    Was a good intro for my bike, and a chance for me to open it up a bit and follow someone else. Heck, I might have even learned something!.

    C'Mon Melbourne Cruiser Riders, lets show those sportsbikers we ride our bikes too!. Who is up for it!
  2. If i still had a cruiser i would love to come... :grin:
  3. well Paully, you know how to remedy the situation :p
  4. Nah, dont think ill go for a cruiser again.. :grin:
  5. any pic's??? love the m109
  6. I've only had it a week - it is just a std bike!.
    Suzuki Aust has better pics than I can take anyway!.

    First svc tomorrow morning!.
  7. here are some photos

    My bike - when I got it home from the dealers



  8. Another 109 - on the ride yesterday

    Might be seen around rowville - watch out - no sliders left, modded exhaust, intakes, reg plate, 'debeavered'



  9. Well done Peter. They are a mean looking cruiser.
    How does the weight feel at low speeds?
  10. The weight at low speeds is not an issue - being a dry sump, engine is low.
    The length is more of an issue.
    2nd gear is ok only over 40kmh (maybe because it is not run in?), so roundabouts are a choice between
    too high a gear (2nd)
    Too low a gear (1st)
    or clutching it through.

    U turns are not an issue, and filtering is fine.
  11. Love to do a ride but LITTLE bit under powered with the Intruder, have to wait till next year when I can upgrade.
  12. thanks for the pics....looks awesom.

    saw a review on the tellie which said that the power wants to drag your arms off the bars, truth or was he just being a pussy because Suzuki paid him to?
  13. Suzuki Australia might have better pics than you can take but its good to see a bike in the eye of the owner, the lines which he or she think it looks the best in.
  14. Hey peter-reebok , mind tellin' whats the tarps hidin' , fj , '40 ford ???? looks like Welds on da front , maybe some nostagia strip car . the 109 is a lot better than the V rod .......cheers
  15. Yep - first guess too!. an Fj.


    Since I took these photos - I have lowered it 5 inches, added a vk calais interior, and added a 3/4 race 202.
    Car has been bare metalled, and I sprayed it myself.
    Another unfinished project!
  16. yeah mate , looks good , nice and straight , gotta soft spot the effies , I've had a few , for something that used to be parked on nearly every street , they sure are rare these days , I've got early stuff myself , .........OH and take care of that 240 rear .......ha ha ha