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Hill stop then right turn on r/about = stall!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MadAzz300, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Today in the rain I got stuck behind a car on a hill which leads to a round about at the top (some who live in the area may know Debrincat onto Aurora). The lady in front hesitated (was on the phone) so when I went to move off I stopped again and I stalled the bike (twice!)
    I did restart and go eventually, but that's the second time it's happened at the exact same place.

    Any tips? 8-[
  2. more clutch slippage and control speed with foot brake. ( maybe)
  3. Foot brake is your friend here.
  4. Thanks for the tips!
    I'll try to find a hill around that's not busy and practice that. Stop - hold foot brake - friction point - accelerate.

    I suppose I'm lucky the phone user was in front of me and not behind!
  5. How else were you doing hill starts? No foot brake?
  6. I'm not the most experienced rider but this is a just a thought

    Try to anticipate what the vehicle in front will do at a junction, and slow right down, almost stopped but use rear brake and clutch control ( practice may be needed)
    With any luck you won't have to come to a stop and will have more of rolling start thing happening
  7. I hate stopping on the slope especially in manual car. On the bike the rear brake's your friend, though I still do not like slipping the clutch.

    I'd take an alternative route instead.
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  8. Yes, definitely foot brake and slipping the clutch as needed.

    I've got a security check point I've got to go through to get into work and everyone has to hold up their security passes for viewing. It's a 20km/hour zone but when there's a queue of cars they're stopping, starting and crawling along :-/ So it's on the foot brake to slow down and slip clutch to speed up (until there's enough speed to not slip the clutch of course). Is there any other way?
  9. do you know what the friction point is ?? i know the hill your talking about ,it is steep ,so foot on back break ,your in first gear at a stop . let out your clutch slow until you feel the bike wants to move then give it more throttle and release your back break and off you go i will go through all this and more when we meet up
  10. Samboss, Im 1 week and 1 day new - so the panic button is still 80% pushed in. When I stalled I grabbed the front brake and put my feet down. Now I know what I did wrong and will get past it.

    Thanks Jay, anticipating what others will do is something I definatey need to work on. I've always been a passenger (no car licence) and never really noticed the actions of others until the brakes were slammed on or we were swerving around someone...

    I'll practise where it's not busy and try to make that hill before the school near by lets out for the day.
  11. Personally I use the front brake for all hill starts. It needs a bit of right hand coordination but it gives you the option of right or left foot down, whichever is appropriate for the road camber and direction you're turning.

    Yes, I know it's probably not text-book correct but it's worked for me for over 20 years.
  12. you can also do hill start with just clutch control , no back break
  13. Hi Tiprat, I found the friction point by learning to walk my bike without acceleration and have been practicing that every day before work (Ive been leaving an hour early just to practice stop / starting and cornering in the cul-de-sac),but today it was obvious i need more help.
  14. if you turn left a street before that round about there is a good hill on that street to practice your hill starts
  15. looks like im free on saturday pm
  16. Thank Tiprat Sat PM - that'll be great!
  17. Hey SydMad, I was being genuine in my question. I've only been riding about a month and a half myself, so just trying to make sure I understood what you were doing.

    Myself, I've only been tackling hill starts in the last week or so. And here, rear brake is your friend.
  18. Rear brake on a hill start ?
    Fark me-you cahns like doing shit the hard way.

    Learn brake/throttle control---------or give it away.
  19. Just like you knew when you'd been riding for a week? **** off mate.

    You don't necissarily need a hill to get a bit of a feel for the technique. You can always practice the technique a bit on a flat surface so you can take your time and work out what each limb has to do, and once you've got a bit of a clearer idea - you can then take it to a hill and try again.

    All you need to do is have your foot on the rear brake, slowly release the clutch until you feel the bike pull, give it a bit of throttle and ease off the rear brake.

    Also - ANY hill will do. You can find someone's driveway and as long as the bike rolls back in some way you'll be doing a hill start. After you've done it for a while you can then practice on the bigger ones. I would suggest starting small so you can wrap your head around it (especially since it's a completely new concept to you as you don't drive a car)... And then speed it up as you get used to the feeling of it.
  20. Always pays to listen to an expert.