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hilarous near miss

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by sbb, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. hilarious, so thought it was worth sharing


    was in kirribilli, using backstreets to get to mosman.

    was in middle lane following a car. was traffic in the left.

    van began slowing ahead in the left to do a left turn. the car behind it (that was next to me, i was well forward of the blind spot) started a sudden lane change without looking and coming close to collecting me before they realised.

    but just as quick as they stopped the seriously quick swerve, they started again. at least in that instant i was slowing and ended up out of their way.

    by then on the horn .. followed by a raised finger in anger.

    Then i continued on, and ended up following her through backstreets of neutral bay, purely by coincidence.

    Then got a bit funny, on a straight bit of street she began seriously speeding and pulled away and then was a bit of an esses so naturally ended up right behind again as quicker through it on the bike.

    keep cruising along, come to the end of a road at a t-intersection, indicate right. she still in front, indicates right after i did.

    then all of a sudden she changes to indicating left and turns left .. i started to grin. I can only assume she thought i was following her.

    after i turned right i had a look in the mirror, there she was doing a u-turn.

    so pretty sure she must have thought i was following her in a rage.

    just coincidence that we both were using the same backstreet short cut to miss military road.

    now she either has major guilt for almost hitting me. or thinks bike riders a psychos. or both.

    sbb,who was very amused by the whole thing
  2. Haha I'm SO familiar with this one it's not funny!
    And I love it when you indicate first, but they still think you're following them.
    Let me know when you work it out - I'm leaning towards "all bikers are psychos" myself...
  3. I reckon she thought you were carrying a gun.... or at least a knife.

    Probably rang the Police and they have locked down the suburb on a man hunt for the mysterious rider..
  4. You should of stopped and did a u turn and kept following her..
  5. Because when the fruit loop went flying down a street to create distance/get away wasn't dangerous enough?
  6. What happened to you Deadsy? You used to be cool; you used to be about the music...
    Anyhow, in my experience (as I said above) it's tempting to play along, but it's more like I couldn't be arsed and want to be somewhere else...
  7. ....

    It was a joke... she thought he was following her... dude should of kept following her just because he could.
  8. yep, not out to antagonize at all and no need for it :)
    and i had an appointment to be at.
  9. A friend and I were walking home from...somewhere I don't remember, and cut through a park on the way. When we came back onto the street, there was a girl walking about twenty metres in front of us. By coincidence she turned down my street, and when we turned the corner we noticed she kept glancing at us. The planets were aligned that day, as she then turned down my friends street. Laughing away, we turned the corner to find that she was already halfway down the block, at a flat out sprint haha. Poor girl
  10. Lazy prick - only half way up the street....you still coulda caught her
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  11. deleted....
  12. Shes playing hard to get...........8-[. You were supposed to chase her :p
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  13. These nutjobs don't look in the mirror, because the men in black have hidden mind controlling cameras behind all of them.
  14. Should have let her catch up and waved at her at the next lights lol
  15. to make sure there was no cofusion you should have pulled in front of her at the next set of lights & did a massive rolling burning
  16. A massive rolling burning what??? Is it a poop?

    The unknown ending is killing me \\:D/
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  17. no no no no.....a massive rolling burning fart!!! yeah thats what i meant!