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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by paulyy, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, name is Paul if you didn't guess haha, ridden dirt bikes a bit but just been moved into a position at work which requires me to hand back to work car and spend a couple hours of my own time driving, which has become the best excuse to buy a road bike!

  2. Welcome to NR!

    Any excuse can be used to ride :grin: What bike are you looking at getting?
  3. No idea yet...a couple hours of commuting is a factor so it can't be too uncomfortable, thinking around 600cc is a good balance and power and agility...struggling to choose a bike tho! Any recommendations, I like the super sport look, up to 8k but preferably less
  4. Mmmm I am heavily biased to Gixers :demon:

    If a couple of hours a day of commuting is the norm, probs a sports cruiser like a GS500 would be a nice ride, easier on the back, and can throw it around fairly easily.
  5. Would LOVEEE a gsxr750-1000! will have a look into the gs500 now thanks
  6. MmMm I like you already!

    You'll find your back suffers further down the track when commuting a couple of hours each day to and from in a sportsbike position (slightly hunched).. it wont be immediate, and you'll feel fine the first few months.. but it eventually catches up.

    Chose a bike that is fit for the purpose (y)

    That's why I catch the train to work.. as awful and congested as it is.. it separates my fun (Gixer) from stress (Congestion)!
  7. Any idea why I can't login on tapatalk it says I'm not in the right group
  8. You need to be a PAID MEMBER ($10 once-off) to use Tapatalk and post 'For Sales'
  9. The train is longer than the drive, that's the only problem, even ifI get a bike then change my mind and catch the train haha!