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hii everyone i need help

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by dthong, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. i would like to say hi toeveryone on this forum first. i love my ninja 250r lol. but i lost my keys last night please dont ask why (i was durnk) and i do not have a spare key. how do i get new keys to my bike i had tried a few locksmiths and they say they couldnt help.

  2. Caller a dealer. They should be able to help you.

    Is it black?
  3. Dont feel bad, my first ride on my new bike I lost the key, I have a habit of losing keys. Not sure if its the same as cars but ring the dealer, or check your manual there may be a code to provide to the dealer.
  4. yep, call your dealer

    it'll cost ya, though :LOL:
  5. ill give you 100 bucks for it
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  7. I did the same thing earlier this year.
    What year model is the bike? And does it have an ignition security system on it ?
    If it's post 04 there is a good chance it has one. And if so your stuffed. Well almost.
    Ok first if not. No security system.
    Take off your tank and take it down to a locksmith who does cars and bikes. They can cut a new key from the tank. And it's a lot easier than pulling the ignition out.
    Now if it does have an ignition security system.
    Neither the manufacturer nor dealer keep a record of the codes. Not good.
    So it's up to you. That red key with the tag on it is the master key and has the code.
    So now you can do what I tried and ring every bloody locksmith in the country to try and find one who can rewrite the code in your ecu and supply a new code and key to match.
    They say they are out there. But I did not find one. And mate I really tried.
    So if that fails you will be shipping you ECU off to a mate of mine in Spain.
    Ian is very good and reliable. It will take about two to three weeks. All but one day of that is shipping.
    Anyway hope you find your keys
  8. Hmmm, on that note. Could anyone help me start my nice new 1098? Would you believe someone just left it on the footpath? Unfortunately they didn't leave the key...
  9. you are a BAD man :LOL: