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HiHo Silver

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Bravus, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. The Lone Ranger and Tonto were out on the prarie when they were attack by a band of renegade indians. Tonto was killed, and the Lone Ranger captured and taken back to the tribe's village.

    Upon arrival, the chief came to see what the raiding party had abought back.

    " Lone Ranger, you are to be killed in 3 days as part of our Harvest Festival, but until then, I will grant you 3 wishes, " the chief said.

    " Okay, my first wish is that I may speak to my horse, Silver, " the Lone Ranger asked.

    The chief nodded his agreement, and Silver was led up to where the Lone Ranger was tied to a stake. He whispered in his ear, and then Silver turned and galloped off across the prarie.

    When he returned, he had a gorgeous blonde woman on his back, she slid out of the saddle and went into the tent where the tribe was keeping the Lone Ranger. In the morning, the chief told the Lone Ranger that he was pretty impressed, but was still going to kill him in 2 days.

    " What is your second wish Lone Ranger ? " the chief asked.

    " I want to speak to my horse Silver, " came the reply.

    Again the horse was led up to the Lone Ranger and he whispered something into the horse's ear. As soon as he finished speaking, Silver bolted off across the prarie as he had done before. Later that evening, he returned with a brunette, who was even more beautiful than the blonde. She also disappeared into the Lone Ranger's tent and spent the night there.

    In the morning the chief was even more impressed, but still told the Lone Ranger that he would be killed the next evening at sunset.

    " Lone Ranger, what is your third and final wish ? " the chief asked.

    " Could you please bring me my horse Silver and let us speak alone together ? " The chief thought it was a strange request but let the Lone Ranger go a little distance from the village with Silver .

    The Lone Ranger stood in front of his faithful stallion and then suddenly grabbed both his ears and shouted.....

  2. :LOL: :LOL:
    Needed a giggle .. thx