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hihi, new member from Sth West Syd

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 98lenso, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. hi all,

    i've been browsing for awhile now but decided to join today! i've recently got my L's and picked up my CBR250RR last night! Its got the awesome tyga kit and usual exhaust.

    Just signing up to get some advice!.. lookin forward to the meets you have here!!


  2. Welcome to NR! :grin:

    Suggest you update your profile to include your location.
  3. Welcome!
    Check out the NSW ride events section, there's pretty much one on every night :grin:, hopefully i'll see you on one of them
  4. Welcome :).
  5. Welcome 98lenso! I had a 250RR too ... lots of fun :wink:
  6. Welcome and congrats on the purchase. I owned a CBR250rr and absolutely loved it except for the power after a while but bloody fun to through around the natio's.

    Should check out the SW coffee night in the NSW rides section. Meeting every second thursday night at the Horse and Jockey in and sometimes a ride before hand. Would be good to meet you and check out your new toy :grin:

    have fun and stay upright
  7. Welcome to NR... :grin: