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Highway riding

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by the mole, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Help please, I just don't know what to do. I'm getting an urge to ride on the highway, but I know the GS500 I use for commuting isn't the right bike for the job. It'll cruise at the speed limit+, is economical and has enough power for what I need, but I think I should get something more appropriate.
    Trouble is, what? A "cruiser" would seem the obvious solution but I like corners, so maybe a "sportsbike", but I prefer the "naked" look. I know someone with a DL650 who thinks its great, but its an "adventure" bike, seems a bit out there for me, maybe I don't have enough chest hair for that. I've lined up a Ducati and matching leathers so I can go down the road for a coffee (I've really been missing that), and have a mate with a scooter that he says I can borrow if its a hot day and I want to ride without all the gear and still be safe. Going to the Post Office has been a problem too, the Ducati is a bit OTT for that, but I'm watching a postie bike on ebay, should be ideal. Getting to the beach is another thing, tar most of the way but the last 1/2km is dirt, would a GS1200 BMW be OK for that, or would it get too dusty?
    Please help, I'm feeling desperate and need someone to hold my hand, its such a dilemma...sob sob.

  2. Bit early in the week to be quite that bored at work isn't it?:wink:
  3. And a bit early for harvest time at Byron too?
  4. Firstly good luck with your new purchase whatever you end up with but just thought I'd make a comment about your desperation in regards to the GS500 on highways..

    Let me just say the the GS500 can handle any hwy riding without any issues.
    It was my first bike and I covered over 30,000K including 1,000k days on far riders rides, snowy ride, etc...
    I'd say it'll outlast most new riders easily and there are a few here that came along with me, would agree with me...

    Anyway, once again good luck with your next purchase as you have many options..
  5. Thanks Joe, at least someone takes me seriously.

    You'd be right Pat, but its my day off.........................and you're the one reading it!
  6. You need to take more drugs.
  7. Joe has/had a GS500 and covered long distances as he explained and the bike held up well. I have covered similar distances on a CB400 and continue to do so with no issues.
    If you are looking for an excuse to upgrade then test ride a few bikes and get the one you like the most.
  8. Im not sure what bike would be "more appropriate" for road commuting when you already have a bike designed for exactly that purpose (and which does the job well)

    PS totally disagree with this "and have a mate with a scooter that he says I can borrow if its a hot day and I want to ride without all the gear and still be safe"

    Your saying scooter riders are incapable of crashing or being hit by a cager and getting hurt? Pretty dangerous attitude to have (after having a 30kph accident myself that shattered my shoulder leaving me with permanent limited movement - and stopped me riding for over 6months, Im a ATGATT fan)
  9. I'm no fisherman, but I seem to be getting a few bites here.
  10. lol yeah you got me (just noticed this is in the jokes section)

    Ah well saves me kicking the next scooter rider off his bike to test the superman theory hahahhah
  11. I still reckon an old elsie is your best bet for an all rounder. Good fuel consumption, enough torque at low revs to satisfy stop start, Great power up top and it's a heavy bike so it will be good for highway cruising as well. RDs were always happy to have the taps open all the way in 5th for hours at a time. The earlier RDs came with drums front and rear that were supremely reliable, much safer than the el cheapo floating discs we are stuck with now.
  12. Its only in the jokes section because some $%&*#$% mod moved it and spoiled all my fun.
  13. so what's it going to be then?
    grow some more hair on your chest for a manly "adventure bike".?
    or wax it of and get a spray tan for the ducatti ?
    or brazillian butterfly and a trip to the nail salon for the scooter ?
  14. Now, now boyracer you shouldn't be taking the piss out of a noob like me, I know RDs aren't all rounders, they're no good for the latte run as the 2-stroke smoke overwhelms the arabica.

    And monkey, you know you should only talk on a banana held in your right hand.
  15. Nonsense, it is well known that 2 strokes don't consume oil. I read it on an internet forum.
    But I think the safest bike for you would be a 1993 Yamaha Vmax. I always recommend this bike to new riders, it is both functional and predictable, so it might not give you any thrills but it will prove a reliable commuter and trusty steed for the sensible and mature rider. It can get good mileage from a tank (many get 350-400kms per 17L), is happy to cruise at freeway speed (just don't expect to do warp 5!) and is a calm and forgiving bike in slow moving traffic. Take one for a test ride today.
  16. You're right, they gargle it.
  17. Oh dear.

    Didn't one of A A Milne's stories feature the main characters going around in the snow, in search of something? And every time they passed the same spot, they noticed that another set of tracks had joined the group and that the group must be getting quite large?

    Circle around the idea of using your GS, and then suddenly discover that it can do the job.
  18. I keep wondering if that banana is loaded. Or whether I should heckle him, like "Go ahead - do it!"
  19. Indeed, except it was a metaphor they were looking for, and what they found was a poor substitute.
  20. hehehe
    That's right, I forgot. It's been a while.