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highway riding - LAMs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ford Fairlane, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    trying to down select my first bike and it looks like im going for a ninja 650 or a cbr 250r. Will both of these bikes suit 100k's (round trip to work) ? Im a little worried about the 1 cylinder being able to handle the constant high speed on the cbr but dont like the high cash outlay of the 650. Any thoughts from people who own either of these bikes?

    Alternatively can anyone suggest a LAMS bike that will do lots of highway k's?

    Thanks in advance :beer:

  2. KAWASAKI GPX 250'S OLD HONDA CBR 250RR'S (Be wary of POS ones as there are a few around these days) KAWASAKI ZZR 250 HONDA CB400 OLD KAWASAKI ZXR250'S
  3. New or second hand?

    Lots of older bikes...
    BMW F650 (any older BMW 650 in fact), Honda VTR250 or Honda Spada.
  4. well, not even being a rider yet, im worried that im going to drop the bike so would prefer something used. Just dont want it to be "very used". All these bikes above are ok on the highways. So am i right in saying a single cylinder not so good for constant highway speeds?
  5. Hi,

    Need to know your height and weight as well to give better advice.

    That said if you are going to be doing lots of hwy k's then I would suggest a bigger bike than a 250 just to make it easier on you.

    Cheers Jeremy
  6. Im not a big bloke.. just under 6ft tall, 70 kg's
  7. You are going to do 25000 kms a year. Just in commuting.

    The bmw is the only bike that won be worthless when you finish. I would get that.
  8. Kawasaki have a range of 650 twins LAMS approved and with ABS brakes. You can get a Ninja 650RL, ER6NL Streetfighter or the more dual purpose Versys 650L.

    Some of these only came out in LAMS versions in the last 2 years so finding them cheap used is a challenge. Look in Bikesales, there are a few there.

    Pretty good in most environments and not too vibey unlike the single cylinder bikes. I ride 40-60 klm perday in Sydney metro and for me the Kawasaki Versys 650 is just perfect.
  9. The older F650 BMW is a single as are the older KLR 650 Kawasakis - both of these will happily eat up long distances at highway speeds and come back for more. A small single cylinder might so but it would be tiring.

    A 500cc or above single should be no problem.
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  10. If you're worried about vibes a CBR250RR is going to be smooth as butter at that speed.
  11. ferfooksake dont get a 2fiddy for constant highway miles, it'll drive you insane, plus other motorists will be all over yer arse.......... and you'll kill it, wringin' its neck 24/7

    Honda400 as the minimum but rare as a used'y........others mentioned above, also include the Gs500 or GSX650F
  12. I have been on a 650RL since day one. It great as a commuter bike and does not mind the twisties either. Sits on 100-110 every easy on the freeways and still has more to go if you need it.
    Feel free to ask many questions. mine up for sale but plenty of good memories still
  13. Ok then I think the 250 will be alright in terms of your weight but you may end up finding it cramped for the amount of travel you are going to be doing.

    I would suggest something with a full size frame 500 cc +, the bikes above will all be good for your usage.

    Go and get on as many of them as you can. The right one will let you know, they are very cunning creatures these bikes!!

  14. Yeah i did like the feel of the 650RL which was obviously heavier than the cbr but not too heavy. Got details of your bike youre selling? a link?
  15. There is no such thing as bigger bike= bigger frame.

    The ninja 250 has more leg room than a ninja 650. Go compare on cycle ergo if you dont believe me.

    Buying a bigger cc bike because you are taller is stupid. You may buy it for other reasons, but that shouldnt be one of them.
  16. +1 for the Kawasaki 650's, I have the ER6-NL sits on just over 4,500 rpm at 100. So happy to just eat up the miles.

  17. I pretty sure my Ninja 250r does 100km/h at around 7,000-8,000 rpm. I wouldn't consider that wringing its neck, I ride around town at those rpm constantly.
  18. I can't believe Ford Fairlane is getting into riding.

    Think of the damage a helmet will do to your hair!

    +1 on the 650RL. Great for commuting and buckets of fun to be had on the weekends.
  19. Shameful plug to my bike is here https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=132167

    Weight is only an issue if your short like me 168cm. My feet just touch the ground and reverse parking is a little challange. I remeber being told that the bike gets lighter as you get used to it. This true. You will not feel the weight once you get moving past 10kph.
  20. I used to sit my zzr 250 at 140kmh for hours on end and sold it at 72000 kms (in the NT before the limit).

    Just change the oil a bit more frequent, but the $7k price difference is a lot of oil.