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Highway riding - GS500F or ZZR/GSX/???250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by King Nothing, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Hey all, first post!

    I'm looking at getting a bike to enjoy for a bit of fun and to commute on. I do too many km in the falcon! I travel from Sydney to Wollongong for work each day, round trip of ~120km. After a little bit of research, I'm thinking of either a 250 ZZR or GSX (or something along those lines), or a GS500f, because I prefer the fairings rather than the naked look.

    My concern though is will a 250 be suitable for highway driving every day? I would prefer to stay with the 250 as it is a damn sight cheaper and I will probably upgrade when I can anyway. But if it's not safe I'll save a bit more and go for the GS500F and hang onto it for a bit longer. Oh and it's a given that I'll be doing plenty of practise on quiet streets before I hit the main roads. Thanks guys!

  2. For 120km a day, get the gs500f.

    The others can do it of course yes, but the gs will do it better.
  3. I have a GS500F. I can happily do 400+km a day on it. After riding my wifes GPX250, I would definitely prefer riding my bike on the highway, especially if there is a bit of wind as it is a more substantial bike. As for the fun bit, I have no trouble keeping up with my mates R1 (until we hit a long straight). It also has a reasonable sized fuel tank so you don't have to fill up every 5 minutes. I get around 400km on a tank on the highway, a bit less around town (around 5L/100km)