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NSW Highway question :/ [moved from general discussion] free for the noob next time it gets locked

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by kpun, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. hi guys, just a small question. I was wondering when i get my L's can i hit the highway? Since i have a max speed limit of 80, do i stay at 80?

  2. Re: Highway question :/

    Your in NSW, you can go on any roads you like, but dont exceed the 80 KPH limit,
  3. Re: Highway question :/

    thanks for the reply and answering my question !
  4. Re: Highway question :/

    Its a stupid speed limit, 80 KPH, when you have big trucks whizzing past you on the freeways,
  5. Re: Highway question :/

    Dangerous law IMO, can't see how it helps anyone.
  6. Re: Highway question :/

    IMO, either do 100 minimum or find an alternative route.

    Doing 80 on a freeway means traffic will be passing you at 30-40 faster, the majority of which will come up behind in the left lane, see and react to you at the last minute - not safe at all.

    Last year VIC considered implementing the speed restrictions on L/P1/P2 that NSW has, but decided not to because of the danger caused by significant variations in speed.

    One of those ideas that sounds good in theory but contradictory to its purpose (safety).
  7. Re: Highway question :/

    In the recent consideration of possible laws to tighten licences restrictions for L and P riders in Vic, even VicRoads said this law was dangerous and rejected it.
  8. Re: Highway question :/

    so what should i do when im on my L's ? speed up ?
  9. Re: Highway question :/

    Dont go over 80, simple. Its dangerous on the freeway, but unfortunately its the law for you. Go another way if u cani suppose.
  10. Re: Highway question :/

    okay thanks Maccarossi :) time to google maps my alternate route ..
  11. Re: Highway question :/

    Maybe you could also stop puting up with it and start a political campaign to change a very stupid law.
  12. Re: Highway question :/

    It was bad in theory, bad in practice.

    On single lane highways its particularly disastrous, though I sympathise with the L platers.

    Considering its holiday time the HWP is out to ticket everything that moves.
  13. Re: Highway question :/

    not if you can avoid it, but if neccessary to get yourself out of harms way, then yes most definately.
    should that situation arise, don't be having this moral dilemma in your little noob pea brain, just gun it and GTFO.
    also know that alternative routes you opt for other than freeways/highways pose greater risks, more intersections = more accidents.
  14. kpun the smiley is :) not the other way unless you are sad