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Highway patrol

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RRdevil, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Why is it when i see a bike being chased on hwp i want the rider to get away :) its like a race. Im nearly yelling at the tv 'go man, go!' :D

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  2. It's cos your an evil swine Devil ;)
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  3. Because you're one of us.
    Edit: Lost my licence more than once.
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  4. And the rider wins the race. Isnt that what the red and blue lights are for? Dont they signal the start of the race :confused:
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  5. A friend who leans is a friend in deed.
    With apologies to Placebo.
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  6. Well, if you're like me, there are times when I see the police as the bad guy.

    It's funny, last week we watched Highway Patrol (Australian - Victorian) and Motorway Patrol (NZ) back to back. My wife made the observation that the NZ police seem to be less intent on spouting rhetoric, have a better sense of humour and generally seemed genuinely concerned about safety and less concerned about actually booking people.
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  7. And they haven't turned into a paramilitary organisation.
    Usual caveat applies that what you see on the TV is generally highly edited lies but the NZ police appear to remember that they are there to protect the general public by enforcing existing laws and not "hunting prey".
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  8. Something else we noticed is that unlike VicPol, NZ Pol don't seem to enjoy "the chase".

    There's a couple of cops on the Vic based show that you can just tell are in it for the thrill of the chase.
  9. Thats good because sometimes im in it for the thrill of the run too. :)
  10. hehehe.
  11. Anybody see the Famous Hot Pie episode of one of the Kiwi cops shows,absolute crack up and goes to show how effective humour can be in dealing with a stroppy public.One of the Vic cops has a good attitude as well,thats one out a 6 or 8 on the show.Most are angry fellows.They really love catching bike riders,near pissing themselfs.
  12. I think it's the cop from Bendigo that seems to have a sense of humour and appears more concerned with safety than booking people.
  13. Thats him,hope someone finds the Kiwi Pie clip.

  14. This the one?
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  15. Thats it,thanks
  16. Yeah, that's how I feel when I'm riding (or even driving) along, and I see a cop car. Only in Vic though, I've never had that feeling anywhere else.
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    Things were different back in my day. There were 2 departments, Police, and Traffic Police (can't remember their exact title) The Police were great. Weren't worried about you speeding, as long as you weren't going crazy fast. The Traffic cops were pricks. Total @rseholes in my book. Hiding in the bushes, booking you for trivialities etc etc etc. My oldies tell me that the Police are now gravitating towards the former traffic department style of operating. For the worse i might add
  18. Edit again, forgot to mention that the 2 departments merged. Traffic used to drive black and white cars, so you could tell them apart from the regular blue and whites..
  19. red and blue start the race and it is not over until somebody crashes hopefully not the rider
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  20. This ^^ yes good observation . Enforce the law stop fcuking commenting on it , I stopped watching that show it makes me too angry
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