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Highway Patrol Show filtering fatality

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Big W, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Did anyone see that Highway Patrol show last night where the motorcyclist got caught between two trucks whilst filtering/splitting on a freeway, got caught & went under one of 'em?

    The truckies were unaware and the bloke made it to the ambulance but died on arrival at hospital.

    I get to work this morning & hear of another accident near Parramatta involving a bike.

    Very sad.
  2. May our fellow hoons rest in peace.
  3. Splitting past a truck on one side makes me nervous
    One on each side? .. no thanks.
  4. It was a very nasty piece of footage, and (unfortunately) goes to reinforce the "splitting is always bad" mentality.
    The problem is how many times have we ALL seen someone miss death by a (literal) millimetere?
  5. Well filtering is incredibly stupid and dangerous, but we take calculated risks everyday. I filter, but not sure I would have the balls to do it between 2 trucks. Respect...
  6. Yeah, the coppers were pretty plain in ending the story by saying that splitting is illegal, dangerous etc & then stats saying over 200 riders killed last year on the road.

    Doesn't say 'at fault' or killed due to someone elses haphazard decision making abilities.

    Whilst being an utter tradjety for this bloke & his family left behind, its no excuse to drum home the 'dangerous-ness of bikes' message. Would have been good to maybe reinforce the 'keep your friggin eyes open' message to drivers.

    I also feel for the bloody poor truckies that (sometimes) get tracked down & told about it!
  7. Filtering is low speed/stopped traffic.

    Splitting is higher speed.
  8. Furthermore, the coppers don't differentiate between "splitting" and "filtering" - the distinction only exists here...
  9. Guys normally I don't edit people's individual posts unless I really have to if there are breaches. A person died a year ago if I recall splitting between 2 trucks on the westgate freeway. That much we know, the how and why is not relevant or required. keep your speculation to yourself or I will be forced to lock this thread.
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  10. Edit: Deleted to remove speculation as per request
  11. Been waiting for this to air. Several weeks ago I heard from a contact that channel 7 was sniffing around some motoring bodies, wanting to do a story on lane splitting.
    We weren't sure what show it was for but they were trying to get some prominent figures to make some comments to air about bikes and splitting.
    Those individuals declined to be involved - wisely, I think. The impression my friend got was that someone official was hoping to build this incident up into a headline issue.
    I don't think they quite got the traction they were after. Hence it became a one-off story.
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  12. Another reason to ban trucks from anything but the left lane.
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  13. Firstly may I offer my belated condolences to the riders family and what I say below is not directed at this specfic incident.

    I work for a large transport company, have done for 12 years. No I don't drive trucks for a living.

    I have a huge amount of respect for trucks. It would have to be an extreme set of circumstances that would lead me to even contemplate splitting between 2 moving trucks. The blind spots on these things are immense.

    Also, you'd be surprised at what can fall off the back, side and underneath of a truck.

    As for the 225 motorcyclists who died in Australia comment, good try CH7, but most people are probably smart enough to realise that as sad as any death is, it isn't really that many.
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  14. Interestingly though, on the same show they showed a police car (unmarked) doing a reported (by the driver of the police car) 80kmh in a built up area, only calling for the siren late in the 'chase'. I also didn't notice any lights until the siren went on.

    Is it just me, am I missing something or is it just as irresponsible of the police to be doing those speeds in a built up area with no warning lights or siren?
  15. Very irresponsible. A mate of mine's brother was killed on his motorbike by a cop car that went through a stop street without its lights or siren on so he never heard it. Spend a week in a coma before he was pronounced brain dead and they switched off the machines. Happened in another country where the police system is corrupt to the case file conveniently got lost and the police officer had the charges dropped.
  16. Someone that watched the show should complain to the media standards group about showing the body. Motorcycle issues aside, I don't think it is appropriate to be showing real bodies on TV unless it's a show about medical or scientific research. It's a stunt.
  17. Actually that one (not speculation) was because he collapsed because of a medical condition.
  18. Unfortunately (for them) the reactions they got were overly positive about filtering.
  19. The cops don't differentiate between theft and confiscation, either, but I sure as hell do.
  20. Do you think this is a preemptive strike against the input from the parliamentary inquiry? What I mean is, they got a lot of requests for it, someone doesn't like it, so they are trying to ensure that public opinion is such that it'll never get accepted? Just a thought.