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VIC Highway Patrol out on the Yarra Ranges this week

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by joetdm, Oct 19, 2011.

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  1. Something to keep in mind everyone....
    Out today and we did see a couple of VicPol bikes just past the Black Spur and a HWP car in Marysville...


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  2. lol I just fell off my chair.

    They dont give a shit about their code of ethics
  3. Indeed pumpkin, that's why it's important we do ;)
  4. They dont care if you know them. They know to hit you in the hair line so it doesn't show up
  5. I think I fell in love again dammit.
  6. "Almost 30 percent of those killed on our roads during that month in 2010 were motorcyclists."

    howabout targetting the people who caused most of those deaths.
    because typically, they're still out there driving with licences.
    and theres plenty more like them out there that are accidents just waiting to happen.
    have to wonder, how many deaths could have been avoided, if they had focussed on the causes.
    perhaps they could target people driving on the wrong side of the road while texting one week.
    then maybe a week spent targetting people who don't use their indicators.
    then maybe the next week, they go out and target people who do random u-turns across solid marked lines to fetch cupcakes.
  7. I wasn't joking though. You wont win. Its cute that you think you can but you wont.
  8. Tsk tsk.....let's not talk about cute eh, I think it's cute that you fall off your bike and you think you know me.

    Degrees of winning I'll argue, the rest is up for grabs.
    The bottom line is, if you bend over you get fucked. Nobody I know wants to be bent over....
  9. Harsh! Next you'll use the fact I cant fix him against me.

    That ones too easy. I'll let it slide
  10. It takes a bigger cunt to beat a cunt hon ;)

    Do your research and get back to me. Don't sweat the po-po, they continually over estimate themselves.
  11. that's usually what happens once bent over
  12. :shock:
  13. Now we're playing huh?

    My favourite game is upsetting people.
  14. .......
  15. I should have known better than to post anything in a police thread
  16. Back on topic, this would also mean that there are plenty of other roads that will be free of the poleece.
  17. Oh, you have something to share with me. I'm not a mind reader hon, however I'm fucking grouse at reading between lines ;)
  18. and quicker at quoting me than I am at editing
  19. Every road we cough up is a road less travelled Smeegles, those days are over. Hmmm let me see....

    I'll slow down for ya hon ;)
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