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Highway patrol officers help brides

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. brides NOT bribes, ok! :wink: :twisted:

  2. of coarse a positive story about coppers during apec isnt gonna hit the general news is it :roll:
  3. Only if it deserves it.

    I'll bet too, that if the same situation cropped up for your average couple they'd be told to "make other arrangements". Undoubtedly, given where these peoples' receptions were being held and where they were staying, they've got some influence to help them along.
  4. ^^maybe.

    but who wants to leave a resturant at 430pm?

    they probably didnt get a choice in departure time so it kinda sucks for them. its much better to leave when you want to leave rather than have to wait or go early.

    that part was up to the cops no doubt. if it was up to the couple there wouldnt be a time arranged.

    it would be cool to have a police escort on your wedding day tho :LOL:
  5. Whats positive about it?
  6. A bride and groom on their honeymoon by the looks of it :wink: :grin:
  7. Seen on the news ,a wedding car {old rolls} being towed away from out the front of a church on the weekend, it was in a no stoping for APEC.
  8. Wedding in the morning followed by a lunchtime reception would be my guess! So 4:30 would be an appropriate time - not to mention that the restaurant may well have a dinner function booked following the wedding reception :)
  9. Stump wrote:

    bluesuade wrote

    no dinner function, how would they get out or visitors get in?

    undi wrote

    yeah yeah :grin: the thing is, you get married, you're gunna wanna go to the hotel at night because night feels different to daylight and everyone looks prettier at night. besides, if you start your 'honey moon' around 5pm you're going to have to stop to eat at some stage. if you start after dinner breakfast can be anywhere before midday the next day.

    and then there's the alcohol factor. if you drink during the day you would be too wasted to truely consimate the wedding. if you drink at night and get to the hotel responsibly [10-11pm] then there's room for more.

    those 2 just don't know how to have fun. i guess the fact they got married was a big enough clue :LOL:
  10. that the coppers went out of their way to help poeple who were gonna get stuffed around by the road closures. it would have been very easy for them to just say to the half dozen couple, "sorry too bad"
    the cops got alot of unfair critisism about their conduct during the whole operation. i found 99% of coppers to be helpful and courteous on the three days that i was working in the restricted zone. there was alot of media beat up over the whole thing.
  11. Fair enough if you're looking at it from that P.O.V IDLM.

    I was looking at more from the angle that it was the least
    they should be doing for those put in that situation thru no
    fault of their own.
  12. i agree MG. its easy for them and us to forget they're providing a service.

    cheers :cool: