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Highway on/entry ramps

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by maplegum, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. Got in trouble off Ivan last night. Well, not in trouble exactly, but he did try to enforce his point.:eek:hno:

    He tells me that I am not building up enough speed as I try to merge onto the highway. Our local highway has a 110kph speed limit and I believe that I am entering it at 100kph. Ivan says its more like 90kph.

    The hard part for me is that most of the on ramps I tackle have bends in them and I'm not confident enough to get the bike up to huge speeds around them. Just as the bends straighten out, the highway is right there!:facepalm:

    I still argue that I am doing faster than 90kph, but Ivan doesn't agree. We checked our speedos against each others and they seem to read the same.

    I think I will have to keep off highways until I can get up speeds around bends. My bike is only a little 250cc so she does not have the huge power of my husbands bike.
  2. Merging speed is important. If you try a wider later entry point with a quick steer around the corners, it will give you a longer straighter run to the highway to get up some speed. It's pretty advanced technique for a learner though.

    Where is this ramp?

    I'm pretty sure the mighty VTR would be able to get from 60ish to 100ish in no time with a full throttle once you're happy you're through the corner.
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  4. Rob, I don't think Mapplegum rides a VTR, I think she's on a 250 Intruder, which probably won't be able to accelerate as quick. But you point on a wider entry is still valid.
  5. That's the one, the Intruder. My husband said I could get it up to speed for the ramps though. That's easy for him to say as he rides a Buell Ulysses (sp/)
  6. Thanks for that pick up Mick. :)

    I'm pretty sure the cruiser should be able to attain the speed with a decent fist full too. I have a feeling though, that maple might not be looking far enough ahead so going through that gentle curve accelerating to 100ish would be amping up the SR's.

    Maple, definitely look at the cornering 101 and give the suzi a fist full. I'm certain it's capable of what your hubby is suggesting.
  7. Generally bike speedos will read high. So Ivan is probably right.

    I actually think it good the filth had a word to someone about this. It's one of my pet hates. I would have had a different opinion if he had of given you a ticket.

    Mind it's worse in NSW because they always put the higher speed signs too far down the ramp. So you are often stuck behind mister Camry, trying to merge 30km/h lower than the main flow.
  8. You could try dropping a gear before the bend - the bike will make a bit of extra noise, but as long as you're not at the top of the rev range already, it will give you a quick speed boost when you finally straighten up and open the throttle.

    Combine this with Rob's advice and I reckon you'll be able to get up to speed.
  9. Don't get me started. It's alright on the bike, because I'm always at the front of the queue, but in the car :censored:
  10. If you get up to speed, you choose where you slip in. If you dont get up to speed, its dictated to you... and that place may end up being a bush by the side of the road.

    Soon as you are around the corner, open the tap. Its really hard to stuff up going in a straight line and I dont believe there isnt enough room for a motorcycle to accelerate to speed. Relax and twist, youll be at 110 before you know it.
  11. Send hubby out on your bike to see if he can easily get it up to speed on that ramp and then you'll know for sure if it's you or the bike. Maybe if it's the bike he'll buy you a new one. ;)
  12. =D> + 1.

    Hubby would probably be ok, because if he rides a Buel sports bike he'd have no compunction throwing a mini cruiser on its ear and wringing its neck.

    Ask hubby about your line though that bend. He'd know. You may do better to enter later and more enthusiastically. Are you using all the throttle? All the revs? Does the bike feel natural / safe / planted / confidence inspiring when you're leaned into that corner? If not, maybe that's something hubby should know too, because maybe some adjustment is in order. Ask him if your tyres are properly scrubbed in, because if they're not, they'll feel a bit awful when you lean in. Get him to go and scrub them properly for you, see if that makes any difference.
  13. speaking of camerys and on ramps.. i get stuck behind one every day after work

    iam not sure my map link will work and google is 2 years old lol

    edit url didnt work so here is a pic
  14. nah the link didn't work.

    try www.nearmap.com, it sometimes has a better selection of more up to date imagery than google
  15. I am probably stating the obvious but if you are merging into a 110 kph speed limit freeway, then you should probably be doing 110. This is because you should be matching speed with the vehicles you are merging with as this gives you the "biggest" gap.

    If you are going slower then as you pull into the gap the vehicle behind you is travelling faster than you and if effectively reducing the gap you pulled into, which could result in a rear end collision.

    Obviously if you are following another vehicle that is merging you need to be careful that it is not travelling slower than you causing you to run into it.

    OK Obvious having been said we now have only two options, either you are right or hubby is right.

    If you are right you are doing 10 kph under the limit. You haven't matched speed limit and you risk the gap closing as stated above. If hubby is right you are 20kph under limit and it's even worse. Obviously this may not be, but I am going to guess that on this one, as the more experienced rider, hubby is right.

    Try the suggestions above.

    Also most new riders don't accelerate anything like approaching the limits of their bike. So if you aren't confident yet to take the corner at a higher speed, (don't worry about this it will come with time) just accelerate harder once you have got round it. I am pretty sure I know that ramp and if it's the one I am thinking of you should have no problem getting up to speed.
  16. Consider the humble on ramp as one of the few places you can have a happy thrash, without much worry (relatively speaking), as you must be up to the traffic speed on the freeway, to be in charge of your merging.
    Hopully it's not full of wankers merging into traffic too slowly. ( one of my pet peeves)
  17. Since when is a hubby ever right?
  18. Good catch. I'm always right. That's what I keep telling my husband.